Saturday, November 26, 2011

drawer for the Michael's hutch

Sorry it took so long to get back to this but RL is getting in the way (big time) of minis. LOL

Yesterday, four of us took the "Homes for the Holidays" Christmas house tour in Edmonton then went out for dinner. When I got home there had been a problem with the condo guest suite that I look after renting out and had to deal with that.

My work room is such a mess that it has to be cleaned (or at least tidied) before I do anything more (can't find a thing), paperwork has fallen behind and I've undertaken the most fun project for a young miniaturist so the blog may be a bit neglected in the next couple days.

Anyway, on to the drawer.....

You'll remember that when I took the hutch apart to stain it, I also removed the false drawer front from the bottom of it.

It has been sanded and stained.

I measured the bottom of the drawer opening. I subtracted the thickness of the drawer front from the depth and cut the drawer bottom. the drawer back was cut the same length as the bottom. It's not quite as high as the opening as I don't want it to fit too tightly. The end pieces are cut to fit between the drawer front and the back.

Left: drawer front
Centre: drawer side, drawer bottom, drawer side
Right: drawer back
 Using wood glue, the bottom of the drawer is glued to the drawer front. Lego blocks hold the wood in position while the glue dries.

The sides are glued on top of the drawer bottom and to the drawer front.

The drawer back is glued to the bottom and against the sides.

I didn't fill the drawer/door pull holes before staining because I have some beads I plan on using for pulls.

The tool is a Xuron sprue cutter that I got at Hobby Wholesale in Edmonton. It's a modelling railroading tool and makes great flush cuts. The beads are a string of Christmas trim.

Sorry, between the size and the sparkle, couldn't get a very good picture. The round faceted bead will be the pull and there's a small section sticking out that, when filed down, will fit in the holes.

And here's the finished cabinet:

The wood doesn't take stain very well and the grain is too large for scale which is one reason I prefer to do them with black or red markers.

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