Monday, November 7, 2011

My Bombay House

This is my very favourite dollhouse. In the 'good old days' when the Bombay Company sold that wonderful inexpensive furniture, they also sold this house. Leanne was living and working in Dallas, TX, at the time, picked it up for me and brought the flat pack package back when she returned home.

The outside was totally finished and Vern and I painted the inside pieces before I assembled it. (My kind of assembly - simply screwed together in about half an hour!)

While it's only four rooms, they're large rooms -  8 3/4" x 13 3/4" and 18 3/4" x 13 3/4". It's going to be my "showcase" house.

A couple years ago I started to electrify it using tape wire but got stalled on that as I wasn't very keen on the thought of using a lot of wallpaper to cover up the tape. Then a while back, I discovered the method of wiring to a power strip on the back of the house/room. Did that with the Victorian Parlour and just loved it.

I think I have all the fixtures that I need to light the house so now it's time to finish the house and electrify it. All the windows need inside frames and curtains/drapes.

Upper left: bathroom with laundry room in back.
I think the bathroom/laundry room is pretty much the way I want it. The glass block wall is one I made and I may replace it with a purchased one in my stash. I have a ceiling fixture for the laundry room and two beautiful sconces for the bathroom which will go on either side of a medicine cabinet I have in my stash.

Upper right: bedroom

Can't decide whether to put a half or full wall around the stairwell...or maybe wall off the bedroom area and separate it from the area at the top of the stairs where the desk is. Have ceiling lights for the stairwell and the bedroom, lamp for the nightstand and a lamp for the desk.

Lower right: Living/Dining Room
The stairs are just set in place for now. I'm thinking of closing them in with a wall at the end of the dining area and putting a powder room in there with a pocket door. But that would mean losing the wall for the china cabinet. I want to keep a fireplace but am thinking about building a different one. Have carpet in there now but am considering hardwood floors instead.

I have beads and findings to maybe tackle making a chandelier for the dining area. Have to think about that...

Lower left: kitchen
The kitchen cupboards were made from bashed $ store furniture. May replace them at some point but right now, think all I'll do is add the kitchen light with fan and trim around the double doors which will at some point lead to a patio with a hot tub. The stained glass doors were made by Adrian Cooper from Kingston ON.

Tomorrow I'll dig out my box of lighting fixtures and decide what will go where then empty out all the furniture and get to work!


  1. Maureen I have never seen this house just some of the furniture when Kelowna had the Bombey store in the mall. It is a lovely house and nice to have large room like it does. I am looking forward to watching you reno of it and also how you do electrify it. Have fun.

  2. Thanks Judy. I'm getting quite excited about working on it - all sorts of ideas have been running through my mind today.

  3. Do you have the assembly instructions for this Bombay dollhouse that you can send to me? I recently purchased an assembled but never used Bombay dollhouse. In the 1980's my father made furniture from the House of Miniatures kits for me, and I want to decorate the house as a showcase for his furniture. I think it will be helpful to take the house apart if possible to paint, add molding, flooring, etc.

    1. btw, my email address is

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