Saturday, May 8, 2021

Happy Mother's Day - non-mini

The other project I have been working on...

My dear DIL, Julie, chose the most wonderful birthday/Mother's day gift from her, Sean and the grandchildren. 

They gave me a subscription to 

This is a company that sends me a question about my childhood/early life once a week.

My answer is sent to the company and to Julie (who then shares it with Sean, Jonah and Holly).

At the end of the year, all my answers will be compiled into a book and shared with them.

This is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever been given.

My Dad and Mom wrote their autobiographies in 1996 and Sean and Leanne have their copies of them. So Julie thought that this was a way to get me to add to their stories.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Making siding from foamcore

At our M.E.E. meeting tonight, we decided that next year's project would be "she-sheds". Tina said she would cut the buildings for 1:48 scale but not for 1:12 scale. 

As I haven't gone over to the dark side yet (still have a kazillion pieces of furniture and accessories in 1:12), when the discussion came around to those of us who still do 1:12, I remembered this little vignette that I taught to some friends in Nova Scotia on my last trip (way too  long ago) to visit Cheryl.

I looked at one plan tonight for a 1:12 she-shed and thought, "Ooh, that's simple enough it could be done in 1/2" foamcore." Yipes! That was before I looked at the cost of it! 

So I'm thinking that if you glued together two pieces of the foamcore from Dollarama, you'd get a good piece of 3/8" foamcore which should be sturdy enough for a simple roombox.

I'm pretty sure this idea of scoring foamcore to make siding came from Joann Swanson.

Sorry these pictures are so poor. I took them in the living room where the lighting is terrible.

Here's the vignette...very simple...just a framed bit of siding and door with a decorated porch.
Just a small 4 3/4" wide sample:
On the right hand side you can just faintly see where I have marked  1/2" increments. They are about 1/4 of the way in from the left. 

Didn't want a pencil mark across the paper so I just used a ruler and X-Acto knife to cut across the markings. Just through the paper and about 1/2 way through the foam...which is how you're supposed to make the first cut anyway.
Then I used the top of my X-Acto knife to make an indentation at an angle along the cut line.
Here I've tried to show you the edge with the angle.
(This is driving me nuts!!!   The type is defaulting to blue and underlined. Can change it back to black but can't get rid of the underline! )

Anyway, that's just my little tip for today. 

(Finally figured it out! The underlining was creating a link so I had to tell it to delete the link and that erased the underlining.)

Real life has caught up with me big time. My DD Leanne has been doing my shopping for me since the first time we were put in lockdown because of the pandemic and every two months or so, she goes to Costco and gets me a big order of hamburger, chicken breasts and pork tenderloin. That all, of course, has to be cooked and/or frozen into individual servings. Great once it's done but time intensive until it's all been taken care of.

Got all the paperwork (well, 90% of it) done from the workroom cleanup. Got my taxes done and will do DS Shirley's tomorrow.

Have had another interesting project to do that I'll tell you about tomorrow. It's non-mini but such a pleasure and a joy to do. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

TA-DA! Still things to do...

Part 1: Cleaning the actual  workroom is complete. This part wasn't too bad - mostly putting things away where they belong.

First half of right side

Second half of right side and half of end

Rest of end and part of left wall

End of left wall

From the door

Still have a box of papers to sort and file including income tax to be filed.

Then I have a box of MEE Sale papers and miscellany to sort through.

Then three shoeboxes of accessories to sort, bag and put on the bulletin boards.

Can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Time to clean...

One of the best things about living alone is being able to spread my work all across the apartment. (Except the bedroom - that was one room  that Vern wanted free of miniatures - and I've kept that up.)

BUT, the worst thing about living alone is being able to spread my work all over! I had been quite proud of cleaning up after myself while I was working on the black and white living room but nonetheless, when it was finished, I had spread all over everywhere so my first step was to clean up the living room, kitchen counter and dining room.

Couch - I was working from here and had my miter-cutter, the saw 
for that, my knife, my X-Acto knife and who knows what else -
Coffee table

Love seat

Kitchen counters

Back of dining room with the T2T display and the B&W living room.

Dining room table

Card table

Now the fun begins with the workroom:

All these things need to be transferred to the accessory bulletin boards.

As bad as it looks, I got some work done on it today and it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

But I do have to get some other things done such as filing income tax so between cleaning and income tax, it may be a couple days before I post again.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Declaring the Black and White Room Finished

The lamp is in and the third table is repaired and in place.

The third table is in place with a book and a pair of glasses. (from the right)
From the front

From the left

From above.

 There are probably some accessories I could add but for now I'm stopping.

The lamp is not working but I'm too tired to try and find out what's wrong. It was working when I installed it and when I taped down the wires and glued the switch to the back right support but after I loaded the room, suddenly it wasn't.

Anyway, I'm going to put the glass front back in place and call it a day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A lamp for the black and white room

Five years ago I made this lamp in a workshop that Tina M. gave at MEE.

I did add a square base to the lamp to stabilize it.

I was thrilled with it when it was finished and I tested it and it worked! 

#&$% Then this morning I tried to get it working and (Oh No) it wouldn't!

I had 4 batteries that I tried in the battery holder and none worked. 

Then I thought to try the batteries themselves.

 And, indeed, two of them were dead but two did work. 

So I put the first battery holder to the side and tried another and, yes, that one did work!

So now I have a working light.

Tomorrow (hopefully)  I will thread the wires through the floor and wire the switch through the base of the room. 

I must admit I haven't checked that out yet so I'll see what happens tomorrow.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Just about finished

The table repair is NOT going well even though I made a jig to try to hold everything in place. Still working on it.

Decided to use this metal mesh to make a fireplace screen. 

I cut it to size then painted it gold.
This is some molding from my stash that has a narrow slit that the metal mesh will fit into.

Painted the frame black

Added two bits of cove molding to the bottom to make it free standing then painted those black too.

Here it is in place.

This is driving me nuts. Everytime I try to centre this picture, it flies up to the top of the page. I found this lovely little folder of stationery in my stash - no idea where I got it - it has a beautiful pen in the fold. Added another gold pen, an adding machine and stapler.

Here it is so far.

In addition to the third table, I have a floor lamp that I made in one of Tina's classes that I want to add if I can ever get it to work.