Saturday, April 13, 2024

Roombox from Foamcore Part 3

Last October 21 and 25th, I showed how to make a roombox using three sheets of foamcore from Dollarama. 

When the box was finished, there was one 10" x 20" single piece of foamcore remaining.

Although I was very pleased with the box, the width of 20" was a bit too wide for me. I have a beautiful bedroom suite that I bought years ago that I though I would use for this. I also bought a complete bathroom at a club estate sale awhile back that I considered using for an ensuite. Then I took a look at my bulletin boards and spotted one covered with clothes and shoes. Remembered I also have a glass and brass display containing 8 hats. AHA! Definitely needed a walk-in closet!

To make the wall, I took the remaining piece of foamcore and cut a channel 3/8" wide down the middle of it. (Again, only cut just through the top and middle layers of cardboard then fold the foamcore back - this will cleanly shear through the bottom layer of foam and leave the back piece of cardboard intact.) When you have done this on both sides, you can take an X-Acto knife or any slim piece of metal and remove the foamcore, leaving your channel.

Fold both sides of the foamcore into the channel and glue then together. Weigh down and allow to dry.
I had enough of this paper (from deSerres) to wrap around the wall, glue, weigh down and let dry.

I laid the door against the wall where I wanted it and traced around the inner frame.

Cut around the tracing
And installed the door.
I pinned the roombox together with T-pins and measured and marked lines 6 1/4"* from the right wall. I then unpinned them and on both the floor and the ceiling, I cut channels 3/8" wide 6 1/4" from the right wall and removed them. 
* This is an arbitrary measurement....I think the ensuite would have worked with 6" but my idea for the walk-in closet was for a closet on the right hand wall that was 2" deep with a bench on the left hand side that was 1 1/2" deep and I wanted a good-sized aisle between the two. So many variables here. So map out what you want and decide what the width needs to be. If you're doing a kitchen pantry, you may want to have shelving, a deep freeze, maybe even a washer/dryer.

With the channels cut, I installed the wall and used my corner clamps to ensure that everything fit and all the angles were correct. Then one corner at a time, I released the clamp, glued that corner, then reclamped it. When all four corners were glued, I left everything until the glue dried.

NOTE: I did not glue the inner wall in at any point and will not later when I attach the back of the room. This will allow me to (theoretically) remove it and possibly change the wallpaper or the door. Also, the door is just dry-fitted (very snugly) and I have not yet added the casing on the closet side. This will allow me to remove it and stain or paint it before the roombox is finally finished.
The final step! Place the roombox face down on your worktable, fit the back piece lightly in place and tack it with T-pins. Turn it over and with a pencil, mark where your inner wall goes.
Draw your lines on both sides of the inner wall against the back wall, remove the back wall and cut a channel in that back wall for it. Put the back wall in place and glue it.

Ready to start decorating!

I bought the door from a club estate sale for $5, the wallpaper was just a scrap from other projects so I declare this project as being under $10.00.

Friday, March 22, 2024

M.E.E. Club Members' Online Presence

 There are three M.E.E. club members who have really informative/helpful sites that you might want to check out:

Lisa and Pat are members with a wonderful YouTube presence.

Lisa Thompson-Dobo has a great miniature tutorial YouTube channel.  

Pat M also has a wonderful YouTube channel:

Tina MacDonald has been our workshop leader for many years.  She offers mostly 1:48 house kits, furniture kits, architectural details, flooring, wallpaper, etc. 

She has an Etsy store and a website.

R I P Wanna in El Paso

One of the joys of being a miniaturist is getting to know fellow miniaturists from around the world online. Even better is getting to meet those people in person. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of meeting in person miniaturists whom I 'met' online though groups such as Small Stuff Digest, and Yahoo Groups The Camp and Canada Minis.

In April, 2013, I went to The Tom Bishop Show in Chicago for the first and only time. Tom Bishop had kindly given The Camp a room in which to meet and a group of us got together to meet in person. That's when I met Wanna and her daughter, Dana. She lived up to my every expectation.

Wanna was a consummate storyteller and miniaturist. I was a big fan of hers and we would occasionally exchange emails about the inconsistencies of the English language. She once told a family story that echoed a story from my family history so we discussed that.

She died last week after a very short battle with cancer. You can see her obituary here.

Her website is here. It's full of wonderful miniatures, great stories, trash to treasure, tools, and so much more. I hope you'll take some time to look through it.

One of my absolutely favourite stories is the Pigness Protection Program.

She posted tutorials here.

Michael's hutches haven't been available at Michael's for years but they're such a staple that many of us still have them or have been able to pick them up at the club estate sales. Wanna has a whole section of her website dedicated to them. Check it out here.

Her Cheap Thrills section contains lots of Trash to Treasure and a Tool section. It's here.

Those are just my absolute favourites and only about 10% of her website. Please take time to check it out and enjoy the legacy she has left to all of us.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Standing Towel Holder


Standing Towel Holder



One piece of laser poop  1/2´ in diameter x 1/8´thick

One round toothpick with decorative end

Drill with a 2 mm bit

One sheet two ply paper towel

One white plastic stir stick 5 ¼” long and 1/8” in diameter (optional)

12” ruler with cork backing







Take your piece of laser poop and drill a hole in the centre of it. Cut the top of the toothpick to 1 1/8” length. Put glue on the cut end of the toothpick and insert it in the hole.


Tip: Using a bit of double-sided tape to hold the laser poop in place while you’re drilling.


   And there you have your towel holder!


To make the towel, take a sheet of paper towel, separate it and measure a strip 7/8” wide on the bottom layer (it’s smoother and less decorative) and cut that strip.








Cover the lower part of the toothpick with glue, then carefully wrap the strip of paper towel around it. When that’s done, put a dot of glue about ¼” from the end to hold it in place.




For removeable paper towel, cut a 7/8” piece of the plastic stir stick, cover it with glue and wrap the paper around it as above.

 Wrap this strip of paper towel 

around this 7/8" of plastic tubing. 

A white line on a red surface

Description automatically generated

 This will fit over the toothpick.

For fun, I took a pen and put a green stripe along the edges of the towel on the right.


That was a few days ago. Then I thought of a different way to do this that doesn't require laser poop, a drill or a plastic stir stick!


A flat 1/2" button

1 decorative toothpick

1 7/8" piece of paper towel

some nail polish 

and some glue

Cut the toothpick to 1" and paint the decorative end with nail polish.
Stick the toothpick in a piece of floral oasis to dry. Put a toothpick through one of the holes of the button and paint the button with nail polish and put in in the floral oasis to dry.
Take your strip of paper towel
Cover the lower end of the toothpick in glue and roll the paper towel around it.
Cover the lower end of the paper towel with glue 
and position it on the button.

Quick and easy!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Did you get Toffifee for Christmas?

 If you did, I hope you still have the trays they come in as you can make some lovely salad bowls and matching salad plates from them! Silver on the outside and gold on the inside.

Here is the salad bowl and six side plates.

With a pair of manicure scissors, cut out the piece that holds the actual Toffifay candy. That will be your salad bowl. Then cut out the corner pieces around it for the salad plates.


Instructions for making the salad to fill them are here. I made some salads for a friend of mine and her husband told me that he spritzed them with some of her hairspray to keep them in place. (And he wasn't a miniaturist!) You get ideas from everyone.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Final pictures of the attic

Here are Holly and Jonah on Christmas morning after they have opened the last piece for the Advent calendar attic. You can see the book that I made to go along with it next to the attic. Each page in the book tells the story behind each of the roughly 60 pieces that are in it.

And here's the attic as they've arranged everything in it.

I already have a list of 16 things to add to it next year.

They loved reading the stories that went along with it and there were even some surprises that Sean and Julie weren't aware of.

I'm glad I decided to just go ahead and send the pieces that were ready this year instead of putting it off another year.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Vern's Attic arrived and Jonah and Holly were quite excited to receive it.

I knew I had taken a picture of it before I packed everything up. (It was on my phone?!?)

Here they are unpacking the box.

I'm hoping they'll send a picture of it tomorrow when they open the last package to complete it.

So I was all set for our club Christmas party on December 5! Santa's elves had delivered my Secret Santa gift from me and delivered my gift from my Secret Santa, Shirley B. It was a box of delightful Christmas minis.

Gifts, wrapping paper, cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer, plate of cookies, a Christmas candle, a tiny decorated tree, a wreath and a teddy bear, along with a tiny personalized Christmas card.
Love the pipe cleaner teddy! Mine never looked as good as this one!

Unfortunately, I woke up the morning of the party with the absolute worst sore throat (felt like it was full of razor blades) and ended up sleeping through the party. Tested for COVID on Thursday - Negative. Thought back about 45 years and thought, "Oh, no, I have tonsillitis." Got an appointment with my doctor on Friday. He's only a couple hundred metres away but I had to get my sister to drive me there as I didn't think I could walk that far. He gave me a really powerful antibiotic and some wonderful mouthwash to deaden the pain in my throat. 

By Tuesday I was feeling well enough to meet up with some MEE members for coffee at the Enjoy Centre and have a wonderful visit.

Having lost a whole week, I was really in a dither. The Book that I do annually for family and friends had to be finished and put in the mail. Spent the weekend copying, collating and binding it and finally for the copies that had to be mailed on their way on Monday. DS Marie received hers Thursday so that was a big relief...and a minor Christmas miracle!

 Then, minor panic time again! Out condo Christmas potluck dinner was on Tuesday and I hadn't even started the roombox/vignette that I give as a door prize every year. 

I decided to use a Michael's photo box as the container this year. Size is good: 11 1/4" wide x 7 1/2" tall and 4 1/4" deep. Plus it has a lid so it's easy to store. The only drawback is that the inside of the box is black so it has to be covered.

Used white cardstock for the ceiling.

Added wallpaper. For the floor, I cut a piece of white cardstock and covered it with dark green velvet for a carpet.

The tree and skirt with gifts is by Louise Z. who is a dealer at our annual Show and Sale.
 The table was from Dollarama and 'painted' with red marker. The Christmas cactus, chair, ottoman, and Barbara Brear book were from my stash. There is a pair of glasses on the end of the table. The picture is from the back of a calendar and is framed with a coffee stir stick cut and then coloured gold.

Only baking I got done was a HUGE batch of nuts and bolts. Still have some wrapping to do but not too much.

Leanne and I will be spending Christmas with my sister, Shirley. Her friend, Marilyn, will be cooking Christmas dinner and we'll be joined by Shirley's grandson  and his family. Will be a wonderful day!

I hope that you all will have a wonderful holiday with your families and loved ones.