Wednesday, December 22, 2021

MEE Christmas party

On December 7, MEE held its annual Christmas party on Zoom.

We started by telling "Two truths and a lie" which was great fun and let us know SO much about each other. I even got caught about my BFF Joanne's.

Mine were:

1. I got a birthday card from poet Rod McKuen for my 40th birthday.

2. My daughter Leanne and I walked the rim of the Grand Canyon.

3. I met and spoke with H.R.H. Prince Edward in 1994.

Our gift exchange was wonderful. Local exchanges were handled by volunteers who moved things about and the club paid for the postage for out of town gifts.

My gift was from Kathie M in Calgary!

This wonderful Hallmark TV!

I can always use another Christmas tree!

This lovely Charley Brown Christmas card. Leanne has a great Charley Brown Christmas display so I framed this for her.

December 1991 issue of Nutshell News. Even after all these years, Nutshell News is still my favourite! And this is a special one because....
Years ago DD Leanne lived in Texas and I went to visit her and went to my first miniature weekend. And took one of my very first miniature classes taught by Julian Biggers!

So Kathie just hit every great point!

We had another great game identifying names, characters and actors from Christmas movies. Definitely not my best showing on that one! I didn't even know half of the movies referenced!

Then Joanne read a wonderful Christmas story book to us as she always does.

It was the loveliest evening.

BTW: My lie was 2. My daughter Leanne and I walked the rim of the Grand Canyon. Didn't happen.


  1. I'm catching up on all the blogs I missed while I was busy over the last couple of months. The Christmas gathering of your group sounds like you had a wonderful time. Here, in New Brunswick, we were restricted to no more than 10 people although it was suggested we not gather at all if it wasn't necessary. Since there are only the 3 of us who do minis together we were going to get together but then had a freezing rain storm so had to cancel. We will look at doing it in January. I have read through your Attic scene posts and they almost brought me to tears. What a wonderful project, Maureen! And what a wonderful way to ensure your grandchildren are able to get a sense of their grandfather as they grow older. Beautiful and poignant project! - Marilyn D.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn, for your lovely words. I hope I finally get the attic finished at some point.
      Much love for your thoughts, Maureen