Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Some of the contents of the Attic -

I have looked through most of my things and found these so far.

When we took that long four month trip in the motorhome through the U.S. in the late 70s when the children were three and five, 
I spent those hours while we were on the road knitting an afghan for Vern. This is the miniature. I still have the full size one; 
 Vern used a scooter outside our condo but he did use a wheelchair sometimes  at home.

The table is as close as I could come to the table Jonah took home last year. It belonged to Grandma and Grandpa Heuchert.

Grandpa enjoyed camping. The camp stove and lamp
 and, of course the sleeping bag. BUT our sleeping bags in the early years were DND Arctic sleeping bags -40 degrees. 
Our second year at 3 Greenview Crescent, Vern gave me a jigsaw and a drill. Exactly what I wanted! And I made Sean this toybox using those tools.  Don't think my neighbour, Millie Collins, agreed so much that it was a great present. 

Vern was SO involved in Sean and Leanne's sports.
He was awarded the plaque by St. Albert Softball for his involvement with Leanne's softball team .
He also coached Sean when he started soccer.

Oh, my! In 1971, Vern and I bought a set of pots and pans through Imperial Oil 's credit card. They were wonderful . I sort of retired them last year when Leanne bought me a lovely new set of pots and pans. (LOL They were only 49 years old!)
When Vern went to Dallas to visit Leanne, he brought back the set of Corelle dishes.

The cook book was a gift from Vern the first year we were married. Actually, I was a reasonably  good cook at the time but he got home earlier than I did so I just let him take over. It looks so good in the picture but my copy now has a big burn mark on it where Sean left it on the stove burner when he was still in his teens.

Vern brought home four of these wonderful Inuit prints. They are in Sean and Leanne's homes

The map of Disneyland from our 1979/80 long tour through the western states of the U.S. Sean's kindergarten teacher was really upset that we were taking him out of school at the time. But when we came home he gave a slide presentation about the trip and gave his class cactus candy. Then she admitted that it was probably a great experience for him.

Vern's Master electrician's license...A couple years after Heuchert Electric went bankrupt, John Huber found Vern's Master Electrician's license in a second hand store somewhere and returned it to me.

Vern had a pair of Inuit boots like these.

Oh, my! Vern loved his coffee! I guess it would be best put as a "double double". But he kept his coffee cup on the bottom of his scooter. After he had spilled it on the carpet several times, he quit adding the cream to his coffee. The coffee and sugar were easier to clean than the cream.
Vern's best friend in our building was Tom Turner. In the early days living in the condo, Vern and Tom did a lot of the smaller upkeep.
When Vern couldn't drive anymore, 
'Tom and Avis  would take us on wonderful trips around the area and we would often end the trip with a stop at Tim Hortons.

Just a briefcase; 29 crib board and mud boots.
Oh, my, we played endless games of crib with my mom and dad and just about everyone else in the family. Vern used to play, in particular, with his fellow MOT employee, Grant Gibson, on their flights in and out of the Northwest Territories.
Grant was a big man with the most incredible appetite. When he and Vern were up in the camps in the NWT, Grant would  get into the kitchen late at night and just about clear out the food. 

I have one more crib board to put in the attic...more to come.

This is Uncle Edwin's  washboard The legs are shorter than normal on it because Uncle Edwin used it in the kitchen sink. The milk can represents the real thing from the family farm that is in my storage unit. 

Vern gave his parents a golden teapot for their 50th anniversary so I wanted that represented.

No matter where Vern went, he would forget his sunglasses

In the early days of Heuchert Electric, Vern would meet with his employees at the end of the week over  case of beer and discuss the past work week. 
BUT when he was a child (remember that he was 15 years younger than his next brother), his brothers would be working in the fields. They would store a couple of long neck beers in the pond to keep them cool until they finished work. And one time, Vern emptied those bottles!.

Vern had a most incredible "green thumb" Leanne has kept one of his plants going for all these years.
(another addition needed)

We were blessed to have wonderful dogs over the years. But after we moved into the condo, we could no longer have one. But as Vern went out on his rides on his scooter, he always took Milk Bones with him for all the dogs he met.

Love these tools

The tool box doesn't work for me. I'll work something better. 
BUT the one thing Vern taught me after I had given him a red tool box (all I had ever known
 in my life)...mechanics have red tool boxes...electricians have grey tool boxes.


  1. What lovely memories, Maureen! And what an amazing homage to recreate them in miniature for the attic. I can't think of any better way to honor such an incredibly full and well lived life!

    1. Thanks, Jodi. Isn't it wonderful that we can share in miniature all our memories of our loved ones. I've done it for most of my sisters, my BIL, and my parents in mini. It's a blessing and a joy .

  2. Thank you Maureen for sharing these memories (in miniature form!). It brings back so many (wonderful) memories of Vern! Especially the bottomless cup of coffee he always had going. I was especially wowed by the table that now sits in my livingroom - you did a fabulous job. I have always loved this table and now I love having it in my livingroom!

  3. Thanks Julie. I'm making this for Jonah and Holly so they can share our memories of their Grandpa Vern. The table looks great in your living room.Leanne showed me the picture of it yesterday. Much lovè to you all.

  4. That's lovely! What a wonderful memory.