Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trash to Treasure Twenty Twelve (T5) Challenge

Last night before bed I sat down with the list of 'trash' to go in this challenge. I'm looking at eraser, foam sheet and bottle caps and my first reaction is sandwiches - foam bread, eraser cold cuts on a bottle cap liner plate. But that's only three items and nothing else really fits in the food category - except maybe a feather to make a fish skeleton.
The feathers and felt lend themselves to hats. 
1. 4 feathers hats, fish skeletons
2. 10 Beads hat pins, buttons, lamp bases, lamp bulbs
3. 3 cotton balls muff
4. 10" sq wrapping paper
5. Eraser brown for meat slices, white for cheese slices
6. 5 stir sticks some sort of furniture, table top
7. small box (no side longer than 3") dresser, maybe
8. 2 stickers
9. 1 full sheet of cardstock (any colour) Kleenex (well, napkin) dresses, hat boxes, paint some silver for full length mirror?
10. 4 bottle caps (any size) liners for plates
11. Greeting card find one with a window scene?
12. 6" Foam sheet bread for sandwiches, purses, shoes
13. 6" Felt square hats
14. 6 Toothpicks square toothpicks for table legs, pointy end for shoe heels
15. 2 sheets of Paper (8.5 x 11) printies
16. 4 Q Tips slit the plastic part to make a mirror frame, use the cotton parts glued together for a hat stand?
17. 3 Thumb Tacks or Push Pins (any type) push pin lamp bases
18. 6" length of ribbon hats, clothing, shoes
19. 2 Toothpaste caps (or any toiletry lid) lamp shade, flower/plant pot, garbage can
20. Small mirror (under 2")
21. TeaBag fabric for hat veil, tea for plant dirt, string for belt
22. 6" Sq Green fabric (any print or solid) clothing, stiffened with glue to make couple plant leaves?
23. 2 Paper Clips I'm going to use butterfly paper clips as table legs
24. 6 Straight Pins hat pins
25. A Napkin dress, tablecloth, wallpaper
I had been at coffee yesterday and brought home my napkin thinking I could use it as a nice piece of fabric for something, someday. VBG

Then I have my AHA moment! I'll add a sewing machine as my one allowed extra piece and I'll make a sewing/millinery room. BUT I look and I can't  find the sewing machine I was sure I had! So I frantically e-mail Joanne to see if she has one I can borrow. (Just now remembered that I had a Chrysnbon sewing machine kit that Sue from Calgary gave me!)

Then I have another AHA moment! I can use my white art eraser to carve a portable sewing machine, and use the small box I'm allowed for a table to set it on with the butterfly paper clips for legs!

The wrapping paper (#4) can be the wrapping paper 'fabric' I got at club with the instructions to fold it into an origami kimono.

Now it's all coming together in my head. (As a matter of fact, I woke up a couple times in the night with ideas coming hard and fast.)
Dug around and found most of the things on the list and have them set out ready to go. Some pieces, like the green fabric, won't be cut to the size given until later.
Now to dig out my RL sewing machine and start taking measurements.
I love it when a plan comes together!


  1. Hi this a personal challenge or something in blog world? Hugz J x

  2. Hi Jazzi,
    It's a challenge issued by a member of one of my online groups Canada Minis. More details here