Friday, March 2, 2012

T5 update

I got a few more things done last night and this morning.

I designed this folding chair several years ago. The pattern is printed on cardstock (#9)
then it's run through the printer again to put a wallpaper design on the back of the sheet.
Cut out the pattern and score on all the solid inner lines.
Fold into chair shape
 Glue the back pieces together and glue the top flap over to the back with clothespins to hold in place until the glue dries.
 The chair:
 with a strip of fun foam (#12) glued in place to cushion the seat and back.
The origami kimono from gift wrap (#4) was a nightmare. I had the instructions, the paper and even a sample but just couldn't get it right. Finally I found some other step-by-step instructions that were a big help. (There are even demonstrations on youtube but I didn't check those out.

 I found an image of a pair of scissors, sized it,  printed it on cardstock (#9) and cut it out.

Then I painted the handles with my new Sakura 3-D ink glaze pen. I'm looking forward to discovering new ways to use this as it's so neat. It's embossing without heat or powders!

Then I coloured the blades with my silver Pilot pen.

I knew I wanted to make the sewing machine table from a box (#7) and 2 paper clips (#23). But the box could have no side longer than 3" and that posed a real problem. Finally found a small Avon box that ear-rings had come in. I cut off the top flaps and glued the remaining pieces so there were no gaps in the cardboard.

The box had a glossy finish which I didn't think would take acrylic paint very well so I decided to spray paint it with some white Krylon enamel. Actually, this was just an excuse to try out the spray tent that June K. gave me. VBG It's great!

Here I've added the butterfly paper clips as table legs. Even with the box being fairly deep for its size, I couldn't put the clips up any higher or the table would be too low.

To help stabilize the legs, I glued the top of the clip to the box and held it in place with clothespins until the glue dried.

 Sewing machine in place
The table isn't right! The skirt is so low that you can't get close to the machine (even if it were moved forward to the edge of the table).

So I cut a knee hole and used part of the cutout piece to make two faux drawers with handles of drops of the 3D glaze. Much better, I think.

Now the conundrum...

I only have four days and some hours before I leave on the trip to Arizona...and I have tons of paperwork that HAVE to be tackled before then...BUT, on the other hand, I only  have 9 items left on the list for the T5 challenge...and I know what I plan on doing with them...but it's not due until March 17 so I have 5 days to work on it after I return...

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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  1. You are very creative! The furnishings were amazing!