Wednesday, March 14, 2012

recycling plastic bags

Sunni told us about this and it's SO cool...

Most of us use recyclable bags when we're shopping but we do get those plastic bags that we may re-use. In my case, when I get the plastic bags, I save them for my Mom who has a garbage shute in her building and has to double bag her garbage for that.

So I save my plastic garbage bags for her. My practice has been to simply fold them in half...and give her a stack of them. And she always thought that I was doing such a tidy job of that.

But Sunni showed us this method. It's SO neat and tidy and easy.

Take your plastic bag
 Flatten it out
Fold in half
Fold in quarters and run your hand over it to release all the air inside
 Starting from the bottom of the bag, fold up at a 45 degree angle
 Then fold that over again at a straight angle
 Keep folding again (and again) until you reach the top of the bag. (This is the way that you fold a flag.)
 Keep folding in triangles until you reach the end. Tuck the end pieces (the bag handles) inside the end.

These are SO easy to tuck into your purse...and take SO little space.

OR you can tuck them into a drawer...take virtually no space...

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