Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plant stall

I'm just itching to get working on a couple of my UFOs (thinking maybe the Christmas shop and the white and green bedroom - the bar still isn't coming together in my head ).

But first I have to make my plant/garden stall for the county fair for our show and sale display in September. The stalls have to be done (if not filled) before our all day workshop in May so we can decide on the layout for all various stalls, etc..

Filling the stall will be a snap as I have this wonderful collection of plants by Connie Stitt and this will be a great showcase for them.

This is my garden bulletin board. There are a few more plants here, a bird bath, vases, pots, and various other things I can put in the stall.

Also have these planters that I bought from Victoria Miniland a couple shows ago.

And this wheel barrow from my stash - maybe painted and decorated.

So just need to build the stall to put everything in. It's 'sort of' coming together in my head so hope to get working on it later today or tomorrow.

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