Friday, March 16, 2012

Phoenix Show and Sale

Saturday morning we were up bright and early in anticipation of the show and sale. We started the day with the wonderful breakfast included with our room. I mention this because the butter came in a container I hadn't seen before that will make a wonderful bathroom sink for the travel trailer.

We arrived at the show just as it opened at ten. On your way to the sales floor, you go down this LONG hallway filled with the most incredible displays.

 The display on the right above is in celebration of the Japanese Dolls' Festival, or Girls' Day, close-up below:

At the end of the hall was a Children's Make and Take table and immediately to the left as you entered was the Children's sales table. Sunni was particularly interested in the Make and Take as she does that annually at our own show. We don't sell individual items at our children's sales table but we do sell $1 grab bags  that are very popular. (Note: all club members were wearing turquoise shirts - a nice touch.)
On the right as we entered was the club sales table. I headed straight for that as I had my list of Nutshell News and hoped to pick up some copies missing from my collection. Jackpot! Got seven right off the bat! Got two metres of the black lace (about a foot wide) and a huge piece of white tulle for $1 each and a lovely little feather fan for 50 cents. The black lace will make lovely drapes/curtains for the Bombay house.

My next stop was the N.A.M.E. table where I got another missing Nutshell News. Then off to shop 'til I dropped! Ran into Dottie as I left the N.A.M.E. table and we went to the Acquisto Silver table where she visited with Pete while I talked with his lovely wife Dee and drooled - a lot! His work is just exquisite and one of these days I'm going to save up and buy a piece.

From there I just wandered around. Didn't really have a shopping list per se but I had a mental list of my UFOs and I did know I wanted to buy something specifically Southwestern as a memento of the trip. Dottie had suggested Gloria Bogulus for that so I found her table and got the most fantastic kachina and a pot signed by Lawrence Vargas of Albuquerque, NM. Gloria was selling the pot for someone who was downsizing and I spotted it as she was telling her husband how to enter the sale. It was exactly what I wanted and I scooped it up immediately.

I don't really need any more plants but fell in love with this hanging plant and had to have it. The pine cones when painted green make great little barrel cacti. The other odd looking piece is a corvina bone. (I believe the corvina is a saltwalter fish.) Anyway I thought it looked like a neat piece of ivory to go into my oriental piece.

I simply cannot pass up a good deal when it comes to light fixtures!

I'm a huge fan of Dragonfly International and it was so nice to see her things up close and personal.

I didn't need any more fabric but this gingham was SO tiny, just had to have it. And ditto for the domed trunk and shoji screen kits! The jewellery box actually was on my list although I had more in mind one of the ones with the doors that open to the side but this one is good and will go either in the Bombay house bedroom or the white bedroom I'm working on.

I've wanted the paper plate making jig for a long time and finally got it. The piece above the incredible fine gold-tone chain (sold by the yard) is a beautiful little Christmas candleholder. Tried to find it on her website with no luck. The checker board w/checkers is wonderful. She also has a great dartboard but I had already made one for the pub and couldn't think of a place to put another one. (See, I do occasionally show some restraint. LOL) Got two sets of the laser cut kitchen tools - can always use those. Two sets of trunk hinges and locks, a package of teensy-tiny laser cut buttons, a vanity mirror and a set of modern keys.

Linda Dickson was there from Trims II, an egging supply company. I picked up a whole pile of pieces that I hope to use to make lamps.

Gilbert Mena had a lovely selection of burl wood turnings. Three in particular caught my eye and I ended up getting this one.

Debbie Jones of Kitz Miniatures was there also. I've often bought from her online so was nice to meet her and see her line in person. Bought a bunch of candy canes, and some great rhinestone stickers to be used as trims and/or jewellery. Got two cups and saucers filled with flowers - one for me and one for Barb who has a large RL cup and saucer planter. Also three miniature cookie tins for the Christmas shop. (Gotta cool it with the Christmas stuff - think I have enough to fill three or four shops by now. VBG)

A small portion of the sales floor:

A final visit with Dottie at the end of the day: 
Joanne, Dottie, Sunni and Tina


  1. Very nice bargains Maureen! Which company did you get the lights from?

    1. I think I got the lights from Modern Miniature Magic - she had two tables: one with regular merchandise and one with clearance items.