Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mail box

I spent the afternoon 'playing' at Laurie's on Thursday.

Her project for the county fair display at the September show and sale is a washroom trailer. It's coming along beautifully. (Sorry - I took my camera but forgot to get it out and take pictures.)

One of the challenges about this project is that many of the items needed for it aren't available commercially.

I had already figured out how to do the toilet paper dispenser and took along the supplies to make more of those.

One of the more interesting items to be made is the sanitary supply disposal box for the stalls in the women's washroom. (Somehow doubt that anyone is mass producing these LOL).

More and more, I'm trying to make patterns/templates on my computer. It's a learning curve and there are still things I haven't figured out but since this is basically a box, it worked fairly well.

I cut out one and scored it.

Then I 'painted' both sides silver with my wide nib Pilot pen.

Glued it together...

And, voila! Here it is. (Hard to take a good picture since the silver reflects the light.)

Since there isn't much demand for these with the original purpose (don't think too many of us are building public washrooms), they can be 'repurposed' as home mail boxes.

In that case, you may want to colour it with black marker rather than the silver and add some house numbers to the front.

We also figured out faucets and taps for the sinks and I'll discuss those later.

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