Saturday, March 17, 2012

the last two days of the trip

On Sunday, we went to a shopping centre in Peoria. Our first stop was Joann's. Had lots of fun looking around but only bought some beads for my Mom (who loves making her own jewellery) and a yard of tarnish prevention cloth. It's really wide so Joanne and I are going to split it. I'll cut some into small pieces to protect my miniature silver and the rest will go in my RL silver chests.

Because it was Sunday, Hobby Lobby was closed which was disappointing as I've never been to one.

Got a couple books for the grandkids at Barnes & Noble...and one for me titled "4,000 Years of Uppity Women" by Vicki Leon which is an interesting read.

Went to a Savers thrift store where I got a book by J.A. Jance that I hadn't read yet. Seemed quite appropriate as her books are set in Arizona. Also picked up two small shadow box picture frames.

The larger one is 3 5/8" square and 1 1/4" deep (the glass is recessed about 1/4") so may use it to hang some special minis on the wall. The smaller is 2 5/8" square and 1 1/4" deep. Thought I might cover the glass with felt (or something), display some minis on it, cover the whole top with a piece of plastic and use it as a display coffee table. We'll see...

That was about it for Sunday.

First thing Monday morning we stopped at a Dollar Tree and Michael's. Didn't find anything at Michael's but picked up a few things at Dollar Tree. (Sunni found some great little ponies that will be perfect for pony rides at our fair.)

I have piles of pastel and printed baby washcloths but have never see them in the bright colours before. Wish I had bought more. The plastic pieces are puzzles that come apart. Not too sure just what I'll use them for but eventually I'll think of something. Dollarama has been out of the red wood tables for awhile now and they're so nice to have on hand so I picked up a couple.

 These little containers were 10 for $1 and they'll come in handy for storage, if nothing else, but they're about 2 3/8" x 2" by 1 3/8" deep so in the right scene, they can be used for storage bins.

Then we headed to Auntie Em's Miniature Store in Glendale. Wonderful little shop with some excellent displays. Didn't get too much here (not for lack of variety - just didn't see much that I needed for things I'm working on).

I did get two sheets of plastic bricks to do the outside of my art gallery. It's been in limbo while I thought about how to do the outside. Maybe this will give me the impetus to finish it. VBG

I was thrilled to see three discontinued Houseworks Signature Series Federal Collection kits - two of them for $8 each and one for $10. I love this furniture (it's what I used in the bedroom of the Bombay house) and I may be able to use it in the white and green bedroom when I get working on it. (Someone is asking $98.95 on Amazon for the chair kit alone!!!)

And I picked up a Chrysnbon dresser set. Can always find a place for those pieces.

After we left Auntie Em's, we went a few blocks over to Historic Glendale where many historic homes have been turned into small shops. Had a great time looking around then had lunch.

Suddenly it was three o'clock and Sunni's husband was there to pick her up and it was time for us to head to Sky Harbour to return the rental car and begin our journey home.

Now it's time to separate my goodies into the 'take for Show and Tell" items and items to be put away...and actually get them put away. LOL

Then I have to get the club newsletter together and, soon, start my plant stall for the fair.

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