Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom/Laundry Room

The laundry room hasn't changed any in the last couple months - except for repainting the vacuum cleaner which isn't shown in this picture.

The stacking washer/dryer was made from instructions by Barbara Guyette in Nutshell News, May 1989. The laundry basket and vacuum cleaner were Dollarama purchases that I repainted with nail polish. The information on the shelving and its contents can be seen at

The glass brick wall separating the laundry room from the bathroom was made from a section of a fluorescent light shield that I saved from my working days.

I cut it to size then glued a sheet of clear plastic to one side; let that dry (really, really well); then glued a sheet of clear plastic to the other side. The glue attaching the first sheet of plastic has to completely dry before you even think about attaching the second side because once you attach the second side, air isn't going to get in there and allow the glue to dry.

BTW there are 'glass brick walls' that you can purchase (and I even have some) but I like to do a lot of this from scratch - or at least from kits.

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