Friday, November 11, 2011

laundry room

Got the ceiling lights installed. The one above the laundry room has a smoky look cover and I tried painting it with a clear frost glass stain to lighten it up a bit but it didn't help.

Dug out items to go on the laundry room shelf. Had most of what I wanted but didn't have any Lysol cleaner or spray starch so made some up on the computer and used my rose making tool to form them (a quilling tool works best but mine broke and this is a passable substitute).

I really hate to glue things down unless I know that I absolutely will never want to move them around but even more I hate to try to move a room/house and have everything go flying around.

So I got some Moveable Miniatures Glue from Luba Barnes in Spruce Grove. It comes in a nail polish-like bottle and you coat the bottom of the item with it, let it 'cure' for an hour (they suggest two or three coats) and it will stay in place until you want to move it. Great stuff! But very time consuming.

While that was drying, I did some work on the bathroom vanity (still a work in progress).

When everything was ready, I filled the shelf then hung it in the laundry room. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until after it was in the room and the picture is not good.

The iron is ready to put on the shelf. I found one ironing board that I had made about 20 years ago but the leg was broken and the other ironing board is nowhere to be found at the moment. Added the laundry basket and the vacuum cleaner which was an accessory (along with the laundry basket) to a doll I got at Dollarama.

So I'm declaring the laundry room more or less finished and the glass wall is now up.
Now to tackle the bathroom...finish the vanity, add the tub, toilet and hutch and accessorize it. Also need trim around the door.

The sconces keep falling so they need to be glued in place.

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