Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FINALLY - A Bit of Fun!!

Last week I went down to the "Put and Take" and someone had dropped off this beautiful cake stand. Knew immediately that it would make a great container for a mini scene.

Since I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my ongoing projects, thought maybe this could kick start me.

At first I thought that it might be a good place for some of my Bespaq pieces but then decided I'd just grab some things from my stash and go from there.

For the base, I traced around the cover on the back of the carpet fabric then cut it 3/16 of an inch out from the pencil mark.

Dry-fitting the carpet.

Put three strips of double-sided carpet tape down...

With the protective top paper still on the carpet tape I used binder clips to hold the carpet in place. Then I pulled the paper off the middle strip and smoothed the carpet in place. Repeated with the top strip....
Then the bottom strip.
The carpet in place.

While I had the carpet tape out, I put a strip of in on the bottom of the television set (from Grandpa's Dollhouse).

This shelving unit was in my stash (made it years ago).

The loveseat was from my stash and the two end tables are from kits I got from Liz West in Bowmanville a couple years ago. The afghan was from Bonnie's estate sale - don't know who made it.
The footstool was one I refinished with gesso and paint years ago.
 The floral arrangement was a gift from Monica Lavoie years ago. The jug and wishing well and the VCR (a printie) are from my stash. The turned bowl on the middle shelf is also from my stash.

The books on the middle shelf have blank pages inside. The books on the bottom shelves are the last of my stash from Dick Tabor. A tutorial on his method of making faux books is here.
 The Barbara Brear book was a gift from Joanne; the lamp is a Chrysnbon lamp I've had for about 15 years; the TV guide and remote control were in my stash.

The sandwich is from Barb S.. Don't know who made the pear, it was in my stash as was the can of pop.
Completed scene. (Well, I think maybe I'll look for a cat or dog to complete it.)
 Under the dome...

About three hours from beginning to end, most of which was spent waiting for the coats of moveable glue to dry.

Now I have to put away all the other possibilities that I dragged out to try in the scene.


  1. Good thinking and great results!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Thanks, Drora and Wanda. Feels good to have finally done something!