Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dinning room table

I hated the tablecloth! And I really like the look of a table set without one so I took it off and dressed the table. I used my Moveable Miniatures Glue on each and every piece on the table so it was very time-consuming to do as you apply the glue to each bottom surface then leave it to dry for an hour. (I usually end up doing that twice so there's a lot of waiting time involved.) Still need to dig out my devilled eggs (and make room for them VBG) and add table napkins.

NO. This pictures is not upside down! I turned the table upside down so you could see how well the Moveable Glue holds. Yet each piece can be picked up and moved.

I buy mine locally from Luba Barnes in Spruce Grove. She is selling at our Show and Sale in September and has assured me she will have some there. Miniland in Victoria has it on their website and although I didn't see it on the other Canadian  online shops I checked, I'm sure they can get it for you. (I've not seen it on Alex's tables at our September Show and Sale in the past but I'm sure if you e-mailed him he would bring some to the sale.)

No room left on the table so I put some other items on the tea cart.

And here's the dining room in the Bombay house with the table and tea cart.

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