Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Displaying minis

One of the members of the Canada Minis online group asked about displaying minis so I thought I'd show you how I display my minis in the condo.

There is an 8' alcove on the right hand side of our dining room. I installed cabinets in it and covered the counter top with a piece of variegated green cotton. That's my Costco house on the left, then the greenhouse, various patio sets, bbq and picnic table, tree and floral piece then the Bombay house.

On one side of the living room is a table that belonged to Vern's parents. The Victorian style parlour is on it. Next to it are two bookshelves that display several roomboxes and vignettes with mini magazines on the bottom two shelves.
Next to those two bookshelves is the entertainment centre. My penthouse roombox is on top of that. You can't see it in this picture but on the shelf below the picture of our grandchildren is a Russian breadbox that will eventually become the home of the Three Bears.

This corner cabinet holds many vignettes.

An end table with the 1/24 scale hotel lobby and mezzanine boutique by Adrian Cooper and Elizabeth Read (auction win at Camp Mini HaHa). And another bookshelf containing roomboxes and vignettes.

Some of my individual pieces are displayed in a wall cabinet in the dining room. It's a beautiful piece that DS Shirley gave me. (I think it was originally a case for displaying thimbles.)

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  1. I think I made a mistake Maureen, I put my comment about your displays on my Facebook instead of yours. Sorry Maureen, take care, Hugs....Grace.