Friday, January 31, 2020

Desk is coming along

I cut a desk top from some scrap in my wood drawer.

and glued it to the top of the desk.

I added a shelf in the middle between the two pedestals and, after some trimming of the drawer fronts, glued the two small drawers together to make one long drawer.

Still haven't decided on the hardware for the drawers. There were silver pulls with the kit but if I do put pulls/handles on, think I'll use brass ones from my stash. I do like the clean lines without any hardware.

The other decision is whether to use a gloss or matte varnish. 

For now, I'm declaring it finished and putting it with the rest of the furniture for the black and white living room.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

not much done today

Lazy day today. All I accomplished was removing the top 1/2" from the piece. Tomorrow, I'll add the desk top and pop the drawers in.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

OH, SHOOT! (and other expletives)

I'm sitting here finishing the last three drawers and my eye keeps being drawn to the desk itself. Something is not right!

Darn right it's not! It's going to be 3" (RL equivalent 36"). My personal desk is only 28". For a vanity, that's fine because the centre piece is lower but this is not going to work.

I think (?) if I just eliminate the top drawers on each side, that will work.

Back to the drawing board.......

FINALLY - something mini

Last night, I took one of Tina's kits to Stitch and Bitch and started work on it. Didn't get very far but I did get back to it this afternoon and make some progress.

I bought two of these kits from Tina and will be building one as shown later but for now I'm bashing it into a desk for my black and white living room.

I had already stained all the pieces black with a black marker. The laser cut edges have not yet been stained. Here both end units have been attached to the back.

The drawer bottoms:

The fronts and sides of the six drawers:

The drawers ready to be glued together:

The first drawer completed.

Waiting for the glue to dry on two more drawers.

And the drawers in place on the left side. You can see where I've coloured the laser-cut edges.

Will get the remaining three drawers put together, then add the trim along the bottoms of those two units.

After that I have to cut a new top for the desk.

Should finish it tomorrow.

Feels good to be mini-ing again!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

It's now Saturday ...

and I'm taking the weekend off...from the workroom.

I spent 8 hours on my email account (replying, deleting, copying to "The Book", printing, etc.).

So that's cleaned up.

Things to do in the dining room but that's just minor stuff.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I said I would finish by midnight tonight and it's only 10:43. FINISHED!

Even my in-laws in-laws are so kind to me....

In 2015, I made a garden in a bird cage for DS Marie's brother and sister-in-law, Gary and Lorraine. Gary's beautiful garden is one of those that is on the "tours" of the city gardens. You can see it here:

It was a huge pleasure to make it and they were very pleased with it.

Late last year, Lorraine's mother moved into assisted living and downsized. Lorraine passed on a shoebox of minis and a china tea set to me through Marie. The china tea set was the perfect size for Marie and her grand-daughter, Elizabeth, so she took that. 

The box of miniatures from Betty was actually brimming to the top but through the last month, I've passed on things that were out of scale for my work to other people.

These great drums are in my Christmas drawers.

Two wonderful copper trays, pitchers and mugs.

Beautiful china tea set.

? and mug; birdhouse; tissue box; three plates of food and the tray that matches the china teaset.

A working mantle clock. Unfortunately, it does not keep good time.

Love these painted birds (on both sides). Think they will go in one of my art galleries eventually.

Wonderful birds with real feather wings. They're about an inch long so will have to give them some thought.

Love these Easter items. The eggs are about 1/2" tall.

Our condominium manager, Kristy, has asked me to do something miniature to be auctioned for the management company's charity. I'm thinking along the line of a four season door scene such as this:

So I'm thinking about an Easter Egg tree for one of them.

The basket could work in miniature but the china pieces won't. And as much as I like them, they will go to the Put and Take.

Some great Christmas ornaments, especially the decorated gingerbread cookies. Still have to think about these for the KDM charity entryways.

The roses are beautiful but too big so they will go to Put and Take. Not sure about the butterfly.

She is so cute!

More possibilities for the front doors....

More front door possibilities....

Put and Take...

My collection of teddy bears...

This perfume bottle is so cute that I just have to keep it and figure out what to do with it later. LOL

I am so blessed to have family like this.

What I have to look forward to......

Next week, I will be totally finished with the workroom and can begin working on some of these projects - and hopefully finishing them!

Just about all that's left to do in this bathroom/bedroom/sitting room combo is the lighting! Once it's finished, it will go on display in the dining room.

After 8 or nine years, maybe this will be the year this finally gets done!?!

Tentative plan for these pieces is a black, white and gold living room. There are some more pieces that are not shown here.

Here are fabrics I think might work in the room.

This is the tentative roombox for this project. Need to paint the frame either white or black and cover the mirror on the back wall.

This is the room that I'm doing for the fall sale and raffle at Mission Hill Village (where Mom lived). Should probably finish it first as only have to wallpaper the wall behind the couch and frame and hang the picture.

I won a door prize at club on Tuesday night! First time in ages.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

28 years of M.E.E., One more down...

Tuesday was the 28th anniversary of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club which we celebrated at our meeting. The temperature was hovering just above 0 degrees Centigrade which was a far cry from the -35 C the night of the original meeting. Vehicles were left running during the founding meeting due to the cold. I think (but not sure) that there are still two of the original members with the club.

There were some great 'Show and Tell' items tonight but some of the most impressive were the pieces made by a very early (if not original) club member, Carol K., on her Cricut Maker. Her items certainly emphasized how much things have changed since the early days when so much of what we did was trash to treasure.


All but one small utility knife and one wooden box from my FREE box was taken so that was great.

In my last post, my next project was to put away/destroy all the papers in the box.

Tuesday afternoon, I got almost everything shredded and was left with maybe 1 1/2 inches of paper to put away. When I returned from the M.E.E. meeting, I tackled that and here it is............

I am SO excited to have gotten this far.

Still have three boxes of minis to sort and put away but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not the train headlight coming toward me).

It will still take awhile but when it's finished, I can start working on/finishing SO many projects.

Tool drawer is cleaned out!

I spent yesterday basking in the glory of having a clean workroom. Back at it today but don't expect to get much done as we have a miniature club meeting tonight.

WAY too many things in my tool drawer....

Put a few things on the pegboard. This is the cleaned tool drawer.

And this is the box of tools that I'll be giving away at club tonight.

Will work on the box of paper and try to get it sorted through this afternoon.