Saturday, October 12, 2019

Some neat new things...

Many, many thanks to DD Leanne who took me running errands yesterday and today. One stop was at Dollarama where I got four more of the masonry tiles that I bought last week...and found these two inch metallic tiles that I hope will give me more inspiration for the sculpted hanging I plan on making with the tiles I bought last week.

On Friday, we picked up the fixings for a meal to take to DS Shirley's tonight. Leanne hung a new light fixture for Shirley then we had a lovely dinner with Shirley and family friend, Marilyn.

Shirley gave me two of these lights she had picked up for me. They are attached to a cork which contains the battery and switch.

What a thoughtful gift!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ontario Miniature Gathering 2020

I have decided to attend the Ontario Miniatures Gathering in Cambridge, Ontario, on April 24, 25 and 26, 2020.

The theme is the 1920s Revisited. You can see the invitation here.

MEE's own Tina will be teaching a great 1:48 scale suffragette's bedroom!.

None of the all day workshops appeal to me but I will be applying to take the Sunday morning Globe bar workshop by Sandra Quigley.

It will be a great opportunity to reconnect with Ontario miniaturists that I haven't seen for awhile.

Just filling out the forms now.

Sunday visit

We had a lovely visit with Barbara W. today. Talked lots of minis and books. There were some things I wanted to give her but my workroom is such a mess that I couldn't find some of them. Not to mention that my desk is piled a mile (well, really about 6") with paper. Must tackle this and get it cleaned up so I know where things are.

After we left Barbara, we headed over to Dollarama where I found a few interesting things.

I had seen these stone wall panels at Dollarama before and didn't buy them but did buy two today (should have bought 6). Think I want to use them to make the walls of my "secret garden". It's coming together in my mind and just the size of the trees I have in mind means it's going to be very big! At this point, I'm thinking I will just do two of the four walls and make it two tiles by one tile.
Better make my mind up soon before these aren't available anymore.

 I am very excited about this purchase. There is a total of 21 metallic tiles each of which is 9/16" x 3 13/16". I'm visualizing a metallic wall hanging/sculpture. Not the one from the hotel but something quite impressive.

When we were at Dollarama last week picking up a few things for STARFest, I found three sets of these alcohol ink pens in blues, greens and greys. Todays I got the shades of reds.

I have three more things to cross off my to-do list from Friday and hope I'll get at least two of them done tonight.

Friday, October 4, 2019

STARFest 2019, Macarons & Goodies

Joanne and I had a STARFest meeting on Thursday afternoon. What a wonderful lineup of authors this year! Katherena Vemette, Joy Fielding, Emma Donoghue, Linden MacIntyre, Amy Jones, Brian Francis, Anne Bokma, Fran Kimmel, Shandi Mitchell, Ann Hui Sold Out, Waubgeshig Rice and Read Alberta eBooks: Wendy McGrath, Lauren Carter, Randy Nikkel Schroder & Michelle Kaeser.

Click on the STARFest link above for further information. Tickets to Joy Fielding, Emma Donoghue and Linden MacIntyre are at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert and are $15.00. All others are at the St. Albert Public Library in Forsyth Hall and are $7.00.

It is such a treat to hear these authors speak and have the opportunity to interact with them. Please join us!

As neither of us had had lunch, we decided to go to Macarons & Goodies at 103 - 50 St. Thomas Street. This is the shop that our friend, Barbara W., had introduced us to when we met her for coffee awhile back. Its pastries are to die for! But this time we decided to try something else. Thought about the Arctic Crepe (smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, hollandaise sauce and asparagus) but ended up having the mushroom soup with garlic toast. Oh, my goodness, the most delicious cream of mushroom soup with a mixture of nuts/seeds and dried cranberry stirred in! Incredible!! The dried cranberries were a perfect touch.

To top the afternoon off, Barbara came in to grab a (very) late lunch so we had a great little visit with her and confirmed our plans to meet with her on Sunday for coffee.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

M.E.E. meeting

Oh, my, where has the year gone? Yesterday was October 1 and our 2nd meeting of the new M.E.E. year. We're already discussing the Christmas party!?!

Much of the meeting was a review of the Show and Sale. It was a great success and we were all very pleased with the day. We have already booked the hotel for next year. As always, the 3rd Sunday in September which will be September 20, 2020. Our club project for the year is a bedroom. Our first workshop (in September) was the nightstand designed and taught by Jillian. The next work will be a vanity designed and taught by Tina (October 15). It is absolutely gorgeous and matches the nightstand that Jillian taught. (Sorry I didn't take a picture of it.)

A highlight of the evening was the final Estate sale. You may remember that we had the original Estate sale in my building over the summer and then we continued it at the Show and Sale. The remaining items were sold at the club at 1/2 price on Tuesday night.

I picked up a few things.

Another small package of brass. Hope I now have enough to FINALLY make the piece of art from the hotel.

Another roombox! (Sorry was too lazy to tape over the mirror to take the picture.) For $20, just couldn't resist.

Victorian really isn't my thing but got the entire set of furniture for $7.50 so I will use it for one of my little gift roomboxes that I give away, either at Christmas or to the Mission Hill Village bazaar.

Not an artisan piece but nicely done. I swore I wouldn't buy any more flowers but....

This was one of my BARGAINS! Only $1.50 for a piece of carpet that's 15 1/2" x 56". Can always use neutral carpet.
AND I won a door prize!

All in all a great evening.