Monday, June 18, 2018

Some different containers

Our next-year's project will be one done in a different container of the member's choice. With that in mind, I thought I'd review some of the containers I've used over the years.

One of my favourites was the camping scene I made in an aquarium for my sister, Carol, in memory of the summers we spent camping with out children.

And where would we be without the breadbox. I made my Dad's workshop in a rolltop breadbox.

My sister, Shirley, found this little wood and glass cabinet for me at a garage sale. Used it to showcase some nice little pieces I had picked up along the way. (It also would have worked for something in 1:48 scale.)

I turned a CD rack into a series of 6 vignettes representing portions of rooms in my sister, Marie's, home.

For my BIL, Grahame's, 80th birthday, I turned a clock from the Put and Take into a "memory book" for him.

Another item from the Put and Take was a covered, pedestal cake plate containing a living room scene that I keep on my living room coffee table.

If you aren't lucky enough to find a beautiful glass cake plate like mine, you may come across a plastic one that will work in the same way. This one, if I remember correctly, came from a MEE Christmas party.

A special favourite of mine is making miniature scenes in gift bags. This is the last one that I made.
These are so simple and inexpensive to make. They make wonderful gifts.

Sorry about the poor picture but this is one of my favourite containers! On a road trip to Calgary with Cheryl H., we got stranded in Bowden, AB. The saving grace was finding a humungous and cheap garage sale on Saturday morning where I found this pagoda-shaped lamp. I removed the fibre optics from it and had this great (albeit small) display case for the Asian pieces I had been collecting. (Well, okay, only about one tenth of then but I found the rest good homes. LOL)

Sorry that there are so few pictures and so many links but I hope this will give you some new ideas for displaying minis in a different way.

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