Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vignette finished!

I was in such a hurry to finish the vignette that a lot of pictures (steps) are missing. Sorry about that!

I cut a back wall for the vignette from some mottled cream matboard that Sandra gave away at club. This book is one of two that I have that is a great size and weight to hold things in place while glue dries.

Once this was dry, I cut the side wall panels and installed them. (The walls are just below the holes for the handles which have been removed for ease.)

From the paper cut from the front of the bag, I cut a table runner and glued in on the table.

Then added two candlesticks from my stash and a bowl made from the suction hooks  I got from  Dollarama.

 The afghan is by my friend Rosalle who sells at our show each year. I picked up the chair at one of our shows. I think it's by one of the Spruce Grove ladies.

The beveled mirror is from my stash and the poinsettia was one of the pieces that I got at our Christmas party.

Painted the original drawer pulls with silver nail polish and put them back on the table.

Here's where I really fell down in taking pictures. Sorry again.

First I cut a matboard ceiling to rest on the inner walls of the room. Then I found the centre of the board by drawing two diagonal lines from opposite corners so they intersected in the very middle of the board. I used a push pin to put a hole there.

Using an LED kit by Evan Designs (from Grandpa's Dollhouse), I fed the LED wires through the bell (from my Christmas stash) then through the ceiling. Here they're glued in place and I'm waiting for the glue to dry. Then I attached the wires to the battery.

Once this was in place, the open top of the bag had all the extra wiring, the battery and the switch visible.

So in order to hide the wiring and to make the vignette look like an actual gift bag, I harkened back to something that I remember doing in elementary school. Pictures here are an 'after-the-fact' just to demonstrate.

I cut some red tissue paper into about 2" squares.

Taking one square of tissue paper at a time, I put the end of a paintbrush in the middle of the square and scrunged the sides up, dipped the end in glue and
glued it to the matboard at about 1/2" intervals.

I glued the tree, some gifts, the table, chair and mirror in the bag, put the tissue covered ceiling in place and, voila, finished.

I hate taking pictures with reflective surfaces and mirrors! Sorry it's not very clear.

None of the wiring is visible although you can just barely see the switch in the upper right hand corner.

Just as I was leaving the condo, I realized that I had not re-attached the handles so I did that and delivered it to Leslie.

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