Sunday, April 22, 2018


Ann Z. runs "Thyme to Celebrate Catering" out of the building where my mother lives. She also makes evening meals available to residents of the building and has been invaluable to our family in supplying great meals to Mom for some time now.

Awhile back, Ann told me that her daughter is expecting her first grandchild so I decided to make a miniature nursery for the new baby. The parents will not be finding our whether it's a girl or boy ahead of time and with that in mind are doing the nursery in grey and (I'm hoping) white for now, adding colour later.

Here are the crib and change table (from Grandpa's Dollhouse).

Tall dresser is from Tuesday's Estate Sale and the lower one is a House of Miniatures kit from my stash.

Don't know if I'll have room for a toy box but if I do, I'll paint this one white. The clothes rack is from my stash.

Love this bassinet from an Estate sale a couple years ago but don't think I'll use it.

One thing I knew I had to have in this room for a rocking chair so sent the call out to our group and my friend and fellow miniaturist, Trineke, gave me this wonderful chair which is just perfect!

And here it is with a beautiful afghan from my stash.

Some finishing touches from my stash...

This beautiful case from IKEA will be the room. It's 10" x 10" x 6" deep.

Still have to pull off this protective sheet off the glass.

The background sheet of matboard is a light grey with some marbling. I'll cover the back wall with it. The fabric on top will be the carpet in the room.

I have to work on tax returns tomorrow then Joanne and I are going to a movie at Reel Monday tomorrow night but hopefully I'll get working on this on Tuesday.

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