Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Elizabeth's dollhouse 4

Well, I gave up after my post #3 on Sunday. Then yesterday and today were pretty busy with real life although I picked away at the roof a bit yesterday and some tonight with some progress.

BUT hit a major snag!The very top layer of shingles on both sides were nailed down with 5/8" finishing nails about 1/2" apart. The claw on my regular hammer is to big to fit in there and pull them so I've been using a combination of pliers and a small claw hammer DD Leanne gave me years ago to get them out. As you can imagine, this is slow going! Will just have to keep picking away at it.

I thought about just pounding the nails in but they're already poking through the underside of the plywood so that's not an option.

DS Marie and DBIL Robert (Elizabeth's grandparents) arrived here at 2 this afternoon so we all had a good visit with Mom. They'll come over Friday morning to see if the dollhouse will fit in their vehicle. If I can get it finished and they have room for it, they'll take it up with them. (I hope on both counts.)

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