Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dollhouse, Chess set and new container

I had a long post all planned for yesterday. M.E.E. was given a dollhouse to sell on Tuesday night. It didn't sell then so I was going to tell you all about it as it would have taken up too much table space if we sold it at the show.

Then I got thinking about it (and, yes, I was really tempted) and emailed pics of it to DS Marie as I thought they might like to get it for their grand-daughter. And they bought it!

At our meeting on Tuesday, we finalized everything for the show and sale on September 17. It is going to be great! 

Dave Armstrong (?), who is a friend of Tina's song, is an incredible artist with metal minis. He has been doing quite a bit of painting for club members and Tina will have some of his work available on her sales table.

I bought a metal mini chess set from Lorry's estate sale and had Dave paint them for me. You have to keep in mind that the tallest piece in the set is just under 3/8". Quite honestly, I would have been pleased with plain black and white pieces but these are magnificent! Black with gold accents and white with silver accents. And only $25!

In addition, Tina was kind enough to make me a board (with an optional frame) and print out 5 marble chess boards.

Then, last night, I checked out the Put and Take room and found this candle holder which will make a container for a miniature...not too sure when and what will go in it but it's a nice little piece. The base is 5 1/4" square and the straight sides are 9" tall. The door and three straight sides are glass.

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