Thursday, May 18, 2017

Children's Table 2017 Show and Sale

Our dear Sunni (as her name suggests) is in charge of the Children's table at the Show and Sale.

Each year, she comes up with absolutely wonderful ideas for projects that about 25 children can do. Every year the idea is different: it has been an ideal children's room; Hallowe'en; - just about anything you can imagine.

This year I suspect it will be a Christmas scene as on Tuesday night at our meeting she handed out to each member five 1/2" wooden cubes and asked us to wrap them as Christmas gifts - no embellishments or ribbons - that will be left to the children.

So I looked in my stash and found the Hershey's Hugs and Kisses wrappers that I had saved over the years. I had already smoothed them a with soft surface.

Spread glue over those wrappers...

And simply wrapped the foil around the wooden pieces after trimming it a bit.

And here is the first "gift"

And here are my five...

Soft foil like this is great to work with as it's so forgiving.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DEALER - September 17, 2017, Show and Sale

If you need doilies, afghans, rugs, baskets, plant hangers, or any other wonderful crocheted accessories, you'll want to visit Needleart Treasures by Rosalle.

You can see one of Rosalle's afghans in the Christmas vignette I did two years ago.

I bought this incredible little basket from Rosalle last night. The basket itself is 5/8" tall and the height with the handle is 1 3/8". Don't really need it but it's just so precious I had to have it.

But my very favourite things that Rosalle makes are her angels. I have them in white only but she also makes them in gold and silver. They're just under an inch tall.

Here one is on the top of a tree...

and in the Christmas scene...

Rosalle is considering adding sock monkeys to her table for the show. Can't wait to see them!

Monday, May 15, 2017

DEALERS - Edmonton Show and Sale September 17, 2017

Our first new dealer this year is Artful Needles of Calgary. We saw Wendy's work at the Calgary Doll Show and were quite impressed.

She does mini hand knits; general store and yarn shop items and accessories; and 1/12 dressed dolls.

We're very glad she has chosen to do our show.

Always the first MEE member to sign up is Bits by Barb, our own Barb S. You may recall that Barb designed and taught the fern that I finished the other day. For those of you who enjoy making your own plants and flowers, Barb sells the kits and bits. For others, like me, she sells completed plants and flowers. She also sells laser cut ornaments, inukshuks and other accessories.

As you can see, we're off to a great start!

Edmonton Miniature Show and Sale - September 17, 2017

Dealer invitations have gone out and we already have three confirmed acceptances - including a new dealer from Calgary!

If you, or anyone you know, would like information on being a dealer, email me and I'll forward a package. 

I can also forward Show and Sale posters to anyone willing to publicize it for us.

We want to make this a great show and sale so it's important that we attract as many dealers as we can so we can attract even more customers and keep this show going strong.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Birthday/housewarming, 1900 House

Marie sent me this picture of Shirley, me and Marie with the Birthday pig.

This was Carol "feeding" the birthday pig at Mom's.

Something mini (sort of).

All my minis are contemporary except the Victorian style parlour that I did mostly to display beautiful pieces I had collected and the Queen Elizabeth II china (in my Grandma's memory) and the pieces from the Titanic (Leanne's special thing).

And yet I really enjoy watching/reading historical things. So tonight I started re-watching the 1900 House on Youtube. Have absolutely no desire to re-create it but certainly am enjoying it.

For anyone who wants to recreate Victoriana, this is definitely the show to watch.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The fern 2

I got the two fronds in place then started working on the last 12.

Have the last 6, 3, and 3 fronds ready to go.

And they are in place...

Needs a lot of tweeking but will eventually look good.

 LOVE this:

Barb  gave us this to transport the plant home! A cup with two holes across the top so a skewer can be put in place to   transport the plant carefully..
Isn't that great idea?!?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The fern

I finally got around to working on the fern that we started at club Tuesday before last.

Had to wait awhile tonight until it cooled off enough to turn off the air conditioner. The air movement isn't conducive to working with bits of paper. VBG

I glued the first 9 fern fronds into the plant, then the next seven (well, 5, as the bits of wire came off two so I had to reglue and wait for the glue to dry).

Next will be these 6 which I have to shape and glue the metal bits on the end of the stem.

Then two sets of three from these.

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish these tonight and be able to finish the plant tomorrow so I can take it over to Mom for her collection.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The past week...pretty much personal stuff.

It was a busy week around here. My DS, Carol, and her girlfriend, Chris, came out on Tuesday and stayed in the guest suite until Thursday. DBIL (farmer) Fred hoped to be in the fields on Friday so it had to be a flying trip.

We hadn't told Mom that Carol was coming so it was a GREAT surprise and very treasured.

Tuesday night, I went to minis for a class taught by Barb S. on making a fern (more about that in a future post).

Carol, Chris and I had a good visit on Wednesday. Carol, as you may remember, is a quilter and Chris makes framed wedding invitations for friends and family. In addition to showing off my miniatures to a great, understanding audience, we had a wonderful discussion about gifting hand-made work and how people who don't craft themselves have no idea of the cost.

Wednesday night, Leanne and I took them out for dinner then she gave Carol and Chris a tour of her townhouse.

They left on Thursday, then on Friday DS Marie and BIL Robert came out for the weekend.

Marie brought me a wonderful GBC Image Maker 2000 binding machine for "The Book" that she picked up at the Put and Take in Peace River. I am just thrilled to have it since my old binding machine gave up the ghost before the publication of the last edition of "The Book".

On Friday, Leanne had an emergency at work so we had to cancel our planned morning visit to Costco. She had her second of three adoption home study visits in the afternoon then went to visit Mom then to Costco.

Saturday, (the third date we had chosen for the birthdays/housewarming at Leanne's), Leanne had to work! So Joanne and I went over a bit early to do some last minute things she hadn't had time to do. Shirley, Grahame, Marie and Rob arrived at 5 so Shirley and Marie fed the birthday pig before she arrived. Because there had been so many delays in the day, we could also celebrate Marie and Robert's May Shirley and Joanne were the only ones who had birthdays not being celebrated!

Shirley (left) and Marie

I still haven't received the rest of the pictures from Marie (or the pictures of Carol feeding the pig earlier).

Marie found me the perfect book "I Know I came in here for something..." lighthearted devotions and chuckles for those embracing those Senior Moments. It's great.

It was a gorgeous hot day so we put Leanne's patio furniture on the deck and visited out there for awhile. Then Leanne announced dinner was ready.

Salmon cooked to perfection, salads, tomatoes and peppers! For dessert, we had angel food cake and lemon meringue pie (Marie's absolute favourite). Leanne packed up most of the leftovers for Mom.

During dinner, the skies opened and the rain poured down. When we left the temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees and it was still raining.

Sunday, Leanne had her final adoption Home Study (which went well) and I took the leftovers to Mom who was thrilled to get such variety.

Love Mom. When she first came home from the Glenrose Rehab, I would take plated meals over to her. That lasted, maybe, a week or two then she was insistent that she make her own meals. So now, I pack up the components in separate containers so she can pick and choose her meal for the evening.

Marie and Rob go home on Monday after a quick visit with Mom.

This afternoon, she asked me to fix a leg on a small footstool that she has. Brought it home minus the three legs that did fit properly. Glued the diagonal piece back in again then filled the hollow with steel wool and glue, screwed the leg back in and I think everything will be good now. It sure is solid.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

St. Albert Art Walk

Thursday night Joanne and I went on the St. Albert Art Walk. There were only eight venues this year but the art was spectacular!

We began at VASA where our friend, Vicky Armstrong, was among the many exhibitors. Absolutely great work in several media! This year's theme was botanical so we saw some incredible artwork highlighting flowers in particular. A long-time supporter of the arts and former alderman, Carol Watamaniuk had a display of absolutely beautiful jewellery.  There was one necklace that I absolutely loved. Carol put it on me and it was SPECTACULAR! Especially since it matched the blouse I was wearing. It was really pricy but if I wore jewellery at all, I really would have been tempted. Actually I was tempted, I must admit, but (1) knew I probably couldn't afford it and (2) that it would sit in my jewellery box and never be worn.

Then we headed to St. Albert Place (City Hall) to see the exhibits at the Library, Wares (a shop featuring work from St. Albert artists) and the Heritage Museum. The Library displays included Joanne's miniatures, more of Vicky's work (she has some of her paintings on display as well as the murals that are permanent displays in the Library) and paintings by Luisa Mendler-Johnson who is on the STARFest Committee with Joanne and me.

The St. Albert Art Gallery had a wonderful display of art from students at the local high schools. Really excellent work. There are some great artists that I'm sure we'll be seeing more of.

After we left the St. Albert Art Gallery, we saw a sidewalk display by Judy Leila Schafers. Two or three years ago I bought a fridge magnet from her that became the focal point of my first art gallery in miniature. (Centre of back wall behind the counter.)

At that time, I had sent her an email through her website telling her how I had used the picture but hadn't received a reply so didn't know if she had received it or not.

But this year I bought three more pictures (fridge magnets -pictures mounted on foamcore) and mentioned they were for miniature art galleries. And she did remember!

They're large: lower left is 5" x 2 3/4" but I do like larger pictures in both RL and mini.

A really great thing about the Art Walk is that many of the artists have business cards with pictures of their work on them so I collected these cards that will give me some terrific art work to put on my mini walls.

I mentioned this to the artist whose card is on the lower left and she seemed quite pleased that I wanted some abstract art for my walls. BTW her work was wonderful and I was sorely tempted by it.

It has been a hectic week. Lots more to tell you but that will have to wait....probably until Sunday as Saturday we're having a combined birthday party/housewarming at Leanne's.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Canada 150 project

I finally got my rear in gear and framed the rest of my miniature pictures for the Canada 150 project.

Clockwise from upper left: print by Jackson Beardy, First Nations artist; Niagara Falls; Dionne Quintuplets; Northern Lights; Men of the Deeps, Cape Breton; and Mile 0, Alaska Highway, Dawson Creek, BC
Jackson Beardy (1944 - 1984) was a prominent member of the Indian Group of Seven which first met in 1973 and disbanded in 1975. (I know that it should be First Nations but that was how it was referred to at the time.)

A sad note: In 1970, to commemorate Manitoba's Centennial, an even was held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Jackson Beardy's work was featured at the celebration and, proudly, he showed up at the gala with his family...but security guards wouldn't let them enter. (Wikipedia)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Great day got even better...

A short time after I returned home from Calgary and had checked in with my Mom, I received a phone call from my friend and neighbour, Jeanne. Her friends, Shirley and Evelyn, were visiting and Jeanne and Shirley (who had seen them before) had tried to explain my miniatures to Evelyn. They were unsuccessful so wanted to come down and show her what I do.

I certainly hadn't done any housework since I got home Friday with groceries for Mom and did some cooking for her...not to mention getting up at 4 this morning for the trip to Calgary!

But I asked them down anyway, having warned Jeanne.

And they were lovely, perfect guests who enjoyed my miniatures and ignored the mess!

It is such a joy to show off my miniatures. Mostly, I just let people look around and comment. Occasionally, I point out things that I'm particularly proud of.

Jeanne is one of my most enthusiastic cheerleaders! And I thank her for that. She always tells about her great/grand nephew Carter's enthusiasm for my tiny printed books and the book that I made for Megan and Carter about their trip to France. I actually had one copy of that book left to show Shirley and Evelyn.

Most people ask if I sell my things. I don't! However, these days, I find I'm making things for family members or as gifts for groups I belong to, such as our Potluck Dinner group in the condo. Jeanne won the first of those that I offered.

Great Day!

Joanne and I were up at the crack of dark this morning to catch a bus taking members of the Doll Club of Edmonton and five members of MEE to the Doll Show in Calgary. We've made this trip a few times now and it's well worth the trip, if only for the camaraderie.

We left at 6, stopped for coffee in Red Deer and arrived at the Doll Show at 9:30 which gave us time for visiting before the Show started at 10. Found Marilyn A. who is a member of both the Calgary Doll Club and MEE and MEE member Sunni Dixon who was visiting Marilyn.

MEE member Reenie of Reenie's Teenies was doing a booming business with her miniature accessories. Could hardly get near her table! Visited with Val C. of Calgary who often does our Show and Sale and who expects to attend this September. A newcomer to Calgary who does minis including beautiful knitting showed interest in doing our September also.

MEE member Bev also took some time from visiting her sister to attend the Show. And I ran into two old friends, one of whom plans on doing our Show also.

Joanne found a couple unique minis, The others from MEE found some great items also but I managed to avoid temptation.

We left the Show at 1:00 (gifted with a bottle of water and roll of Mentos each from the Calgary Doll Club) for the Antique Mall in Airdrie where we spent about an hour.

There I found a crystal salt cellar that I'll use as a mini salad bowl.

From there we headed back to Edmonton with another brief stop in Red Deer.

Home by shortly after six. Great trip!

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Oh, my!

I took a couple pictures with my phone at Value Village in St. Albert a couple weeks ago. They were such neat things but I haven't been able to download them!

But even though it's weeks later, I thought I would just mention them anyway....

There was a large (would guess about 12" x 12" x 36") aquarium (no visible cracks) for about $30?. Would be a wonderful  container for a miniature scene OR a cover for a 1:48 street scene.

Aquariums are great settings for mini scenes! See my camping scene.

There was also a dollhouse (three stories)) that surprisingly was 1:12 scale. Think it was $30-35.

Sorry I wasn't able to download the pictures OR report on this in a timely fashion.

A bit of fun - sort of mini

Some years ago, Barb R. made a hockey themed Christmas tree (small but not mini) for their son, Tim.  I made some mini hockey pucks for it and never thought of it again until a couple days ago.

DS Shirley gave me a string of Budweiser mini goal lights. Had a minor thought of how I could use them in mini-mini but when I got them home thought of Tim's Christmas tree.

Turns out that Barb had added to the tree over the years so was really glad to add them to it.

Just a lot of fun!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My t-shirts (really are mini-related)

A couple weeks ago, I started taking clothes from the left-hand side of my closet (sort of no-man's land). Had some lovely blouses there that I had forgotten about....then I came across the two t-shirts that my sister Shirley had made for me probably 8 Christmases ago. (Click on the links below the t-shirts to see the actual scenes.)

The memory box I made for Mom.

Dad's workshop in the garage.

Mom loved it when I wore "her" scene to her place on Monday and I wore Dad's to club last night. We've had several new club members since I wore it last to it was sort of fun.

Shirley made these using fabric transfers from Staples

They're wonderful! And get a lot of attention!

BUT, if you want to do one for yourself, I would make some changes...DO NOT put it on the front of the t-shirt. Women will look and 'maybe' ask about it. Men will look and definitely will not ask about it. Not to mention that your breasts will distort the picture a bit (LOL).

You could put something on the front like "Maureen's World of Miniatures - see my back" and put the picture of the mini on the back of the t-shirt with something like "I'm a miniaturist - ask me about my work."

Just a thought....

Easter weekend, then MINIS!!!

Went to bed last Friday with virtually no snow on the ground and woke up to a blizzard with a forecast of 10" of snow. Discussed it with family and decided to postpone the housewarning/birthdays party until the 29th - then Joanne reminded me we would be in Calgary at the Doll Show that day so now we're trying for May 6.

Monday, back to virtually  no snow on the ground again; then yesterday, more snow. On Monday, Leanne made me kung pao chicken for dinner in exchange for my putting together her new headboard and another bookcase. (Made the same blinking mistake that I made on the last one. Grrr!)

Was about 11 C today so almost all of the snow is gone again....

On to the minis:

Last night at club, we held our Shirley Phillips' estate sale. I had already bought a Christmas scene in a gift bag through the club auction and picked up a couple things. Didn't spend a great deal but pleased with my purchases.

All these wonderful House of Miniatures kits. Fortunately I've made all but one! The only one I haven't made is the desk  third up on the far right and since I have 5 or 6 desks in my stash, truly don't need another.

Shirley had all these Avon miniature room sets (1:24 scale).
My purchases:
The bag needs some repairs at the corners of the "window" but I'll want to add plastic to protect it from dust so I'll do that and frame the opening. Shirley made wonderful chairs and couches....and the tree is nicely decorated.

Practically stole this ass they couldn't get the glass our of the front. But I got it out so that's good.
Like the plant, chair and fan but not wild about the rest of the furnishing. So I'll probably gut it and use it for something else as the wallpaper and paint job are great.
 Nephew David and Laura are expecting another baby so picked up this baby (love how she's sucking her thumb)

and this beautiful bassinette! (I DO have a plan B if it's a boy.)

This beautiful St. Patrick's Day piece was made by Karen Jones of Edmonton. Have the candles for the candlesticks.

Got these two frames (1 1/2" x 1 3/4"). Showed the back of one because they are actually brooches.

There was only one package (6 pieces) of the Houseworks drawer handles but they'll look good in my kitchen.

Swore I wouldn't buy anymore lamps but this sconce was only $1 so had to have it. LOL

Got this wonderful little package of kitchen basics (butter, Carnation milk, salt, mustard, HP sauce, miracle whip and ketchup) for the kitchen I'm (supposed to be) working on.

Kudos to the club members who priced this estate for sale! A couple of our newer members were in the group that priced this estate to ease them into it. It's always such a fine line between what you know the person probably paid and what you think people will be happy to pay. They did a great job in my opinion. Thank you.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Canada 150

For the Show part of our Show and Sale on September 17, one of the things we are planning is an "Art Gallery" of 150 pieces of art that represents things that are uniquely Canadian.

My contributions will be framed pictures of the Northern Lights, First Nations Art (both from my art galleries); a picture of the Men of the Deeps, Niagara Falls, and the Mile Zero sign from Dawson Creek representing the beginning of the Alaska Highway.

It has been incredibly interesting to hear what everyone has chosen. And I'm really looking forward to the final display.

Some of the choices so far:
Terry Fox
Butter Tarts
Olympic Red Mittens
E. Pauline Johnson
Stompin’ Tom Connors

Anne of Green Gables
The Mckenzie Brothers and the Great White North (SCTV)
Maude Lewis

 The 3 cent beaver, Canada’s first postage stamp.
Newfoundland Screech Rum
A painting of the Voyageur fur traders
A portrait of John A. MacDonald, our first Prime Minister
A picture of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa
A poster about the endangered Whooping Cranes, which breed in Wood-Buffalo National Park
The Blue Nose racing sloop 
Gordon Lightfoot
Stuart McLean (The Vinyl Cafe)
Leonard Cohen
The Group of Seven
green onion cakes
Stanley Cup
Grey Cup
Wayne Gretzky
Louis Riel
maple tree,
canada goose,
Tim Horton's
Rita MacNeil
k. d. lang (singing Hallelujah at the Vancouver Olympics)

(There are a lot that I've missed.)

It won't take long for us to get 150  but it will be very interesting to see how they all come together. And who chooses what - now that could be interesting in itself!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Catching up on RL

Cleaned my desk off: shredded a whole pile of stuff and filed the rest! Well done!

Filed my income tax and paid what I owed. Nice going as I filed 17 days earlier than last year. We won't talk about how much earlier I could have filed 😐 Shirley will come over soon to file her and Grahame's taxes.

Today was DD Leanne's 42nd birthday. Our family is celebrating three birthdays at Leanne's new home on Saturday, April 15. My 70th birthday (March 27), BIL Grahame's 81st birthday (April 3) and, of course, Leanne's birthday and her new home.

My birthday pig!

When I turned 60, my sisters gave me a "birthday pig" (not this one). Each of my sisters filled it with 60 Loonies (for those of you who aren't Canadian, those are dollar coins). So I had $180 to spend as I wished. That year I spent it to go to Camp Mini Ha Ha in Nova Scotia.

In turn, we filled that pig with $60 each for my other three sisters as they turned 60.

Now that I have turned 70, the tradition continues. When we celebrate my birthday on Saturday, I will receive the latest birthday pig with $210 in it - $70 from each of my sisters.

My youngest sister, Marie, found this pig and passed it on to me along with some Swarozki crystals and I took those and things from my stash to decorate it accordingly. What fun!

A really fun way to celebrate out decade birthdays!