Friday, September 2, 2016

DEALER - Janice Crawley

What a blessing it is to have Janice Crawley be a dealer again at our Show and Sale (September 18)!

Janice is a Fellow of IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artists) in ceramics.

A resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Janice sells her work all over the world: particularly in Great Britain, Japan, the USA and Canada.

One of her specialties is tea pots and my dear friend, Joanne, says she can feel the money just oozing out of her pockets as she passes Janice's table. A very familiar comment!

In addition to her tea pots and tea sets, Janice makes ceramic dishes and tiny (1" - 2") ceramic dolls (dressed and undressed). She also makes some unique accessory items for your dollhouse bedroom. such as the jewellery doll


  1. I wish I could travel to your show, just to see Ms. Crawley's work again. I would bring every last penny I have to buy everything she has on her table. I would love to see her again too of course (:

    1. Grace,
      She is a lovely lady and her work is exquisite. I wish you could be here, too!
      Hugs, Maureen