Saturday, August 13, 2016

DEALER - Collection of Jane Miles

Some time ago, Jane's husband, Ken, approached the club about selling Jane's miniatures. With the Show and Sale coming up in September, we will have a table of the items from her collection for sale.

On Thursday, four of us (Tina, Joanne, Maureen M. and I) got together to sort, clean and price her things.  We hadn't really looked that closely through the boxes we picked up so we were in for some wonderful surprises. These are just a very few of the things that I photographed as we began. Later, we set on a rhythm that didn't allow time for pictures.

This beautiful gazebo is one of the items. The four window boxes of flowers and the trellis (by Connie Stitt) will be sold separately.

This porcelain sink. There is also an incredible Roper stove and one of the old refrigerators with the circular fan/exhaust ? on top. Those two are metal and very heavy and beautifully detailed. And a Bodo Hennig parlour stove.

Matching crib and change table/bureau:

Lovely dainty crocheted piece (about 5" in diameter) that would be gorgeous as a tablecloth on a round table. (picture doesn't do it justice)

These are some of the needlepoint rugs Jane made:

There are also several rug kits (with thread) available.

Needlework frame (about 1" high)

Lovely wingback chair signed Mr. Z (think dated 1979 but not sure of the date)

Two hand-made chrystal lights (non-electrified) and a very nice little chrystal table lamp (I found a chimney for it in my stash)

The non-electrified desk lamp is very nice as is the beautiful copper shade on the middle lamp. And, of course, the electrified Tiffany-style shade table lamp.

There are two House of Miniature Kits and another full kitchen kit. There is a variety of furniture ranging from the run of the mill beginner furniture to some lovely better quality pieces.

There are some real gems in the accessories. Sorry but no pictures. However, there are two sets of dishes that are quite lovely. There is a doll case (wicker-style, if I remember correctly) that contains a pair of Mary Jane shoes by Sylvia Roundtree, the Dolls' Cobbler. There is quite a collection of decorative pieces to be displayed on shelves including some wonderful, incredibly delicate animals. And two exquisite millefiori paperweights.

Some wonderful copper cookware, Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree decorated with bows and fans, a tool caddy (complete with tools), several better quality tools, a really lovely sewing basket.

Plus bags and bags of uncategorized items that you will surely find a use for.

For collectors who have limited space, this collection includes a (mostly finished) McKinley wall-hanging dollhouse  by Greenleaf. (The box you can barely see below the dollhouse contains all manner of wood and stairs needed to complete it.) It does need work...but pretty much only on the inside where you would want to 'make it your own' anyway.

It's very hard to price a collection for sale. You have to tread that fine line between what you know the person probably paid and what someone else will be willing to pay. I think we've done well with this collection and we hope to see that reflected in the response at the Show and Sale in September.

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  1. good luck on your sale, I know what you mean about a fine prepared for people to haggle you down on the price (they do that all the time)