Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kitchen coming along...

I took the painters tape off and touched up the paint.

I painted over the grey on the front of the light so it wouldn't be so obvious on the roof of room.

Screwed the plate on the ceiling to hold the lamp in place. Wow! This was a pain. Even with pre-drilled holes, those two little half inch screws just did NOT want to go it. But finally got it in place,
added the light,
 and have the light in place.

Here's most of the furniture for the kitchen.

Went down to craft night last night for the first time in months. Got the first coat of paint on a good portion of the furniture.

Still haven't decided what to do with the floor.

I want marble counter-tops but haven't begun even thinking seriously about doing that.

I do have these tiles that I'm thinking about using for a backsplash but don't know if I have enough of any for that.

I may just end up using photo paper for a bright white subway tile backsplash.

Board meeting tonight so probably won't get anything more done today.


  1. Las luces quedan muy bien y tienes unos muebles y complementos preciosos para montar la cocina!!!