Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Can barely see my desk!?! Need to catch up and get mini-ing!

I know I promised my list of projects to work on/finish but on the weekend I got caught up on my volunteer work in the condo. That included shelving books in the library! That is always a mistake as reading comes in a bit higher on my list of things to do - just shading out miniatures. That's why I haven't been posting.

Then today I spent the afternoon and early evening with Cheryl H. from Nova Scotia. (Cheryl is the owner of the Yahoo Group Canada Minis and one of the original founders of Camp Mini HaHa.) We met through Canada Minis and have known and visited each other for several years now. Her two daughters and her grandchildren live in Edmonton and she is here until January 14th. She and her granddaughter Keira picked me up about 1 p.m., went for lunch, spent some time at Ikea, then went to her daughter Krista's new home where Cheryl made us a wonderful shrimp stir fry.

I picked up some household things at Ikea including a new clock for my workroom. From the time I started working in this room, I had a clock on the end wall. Even though I always have the time on my computer, it became such a habit to look at the clock on the wall that when that clock died, I still turned my head to check the time. So this afternoon I bought a new clock for that wall.

I also picked up a new miniature project. Well, not exactly new but a new version of a project that I've had planned for several years.