Saturday, January 30, 2016

BIG catch up but not a great deal of mini-ing

Went to the StarFest meeting at the library and picked up the latest J.D. Robb book. Read about half of it, then went to Reel Monday to see "Testimony of Youth". Interesting WWI movie about how one woman was affected by the war. I know my great-grandfather and grandfather served but as far as I know, we didn't lose any family so it was very interesting.

Miniatures We are so thrilled to have Ruth Stewart from Oregon coming to teach us her miniature cake techniques in mid-March. Lots of back and forwards emails arranging that.

Curling: Depends on who you ask (even on Google) but I'll just refer to him as my great-nephew, Matt Dunstone is the skip of the Manitoba team that is in the Junior Men's Canadian Curling Championship. They made it through the first two steps with a 9 - 1 record so our family will be watching closely for the next two days. (TSN if you're interested.)

BIL Grahame celebrates his 80th birthday in April so I'm thinking about doing something in miniature for him. They don't have much space in their house so I'm thinking about doing something in this clock. Nautical and musical...I'll see.

Thursday: Saw "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" at the Citadel last night. Absolutely incredible! Three hours that passed in minutes! Interesting that tonight I saw the story of Mike Nichols on PBS: The American he was the director of the movie AND he was George on Broadway!

One of my upstair's neighbour's, Barb, lent me Louise Penny's latest book. So that will probably delay my work yet another day.

FACEBOOK: On Thursday night, I got worried messages from friends and family that something had happened to my Facebook account. When I got home after WAFOVW, there were two missed phone calls from my DS Sean. I emailed him that all was well and spoke to him in the next morning, He told me that my FB account had been cloned (as opposed to being hacked) but I told him I was just going to deactivate my account because I was so completely tired of this happening. He offered to help me fix things but I'm just too frustrated to deal with that now. It's such a disappointment in some ways as FB allowed me to connect with the Mould side of the family (Thanks, Linda).

Back to Miniatures....
Kitchen Cupboards: I've been thinking a lot about these...well, not so much the cupboards but the counters.

I have some wonderful marble matboard that Sandra from the club gave me.

Then I looked again at the cupboard pieces that I have....

and discovered that the top pieces are separate from the rest of the if I remove them, I can replace them with the marble matboard.

First, I tried to separate the tops with the heat from a hair dryer...not enough heat.

then I put the piece in the microwave oven for 1 minute. That separated BOTH top pieces...took another 30 seconds to separate those two pieces.

This piece separated well.

Took the top of the kitchen island.

So it seems to be coming together.

Hope this will all come together!

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