Sunday, January 24, 2016

Back home...

Had a VERY lazy 3 a/2 days at Leanne and Robert's. Didn't even binge on Netflix. Just read and watched some satellite TV.

Leanne had won this box at a staff meeting and passed it on to me.



With boxes removed.
Each section is 2" x 2" x 2". I'm thinking that it might be a good "memory lane" sort of thing with each section holding something from the life of the person it's for. Something like the memory box I did for my Mom.

This sink is for the kitchen. I don't like the actual sink though.

But I was so lucky that it just 'popped' out.

Now I have to decide what to replace it with.

Came from Leanne and Robert's and met Joanne at the Citadel Theatre to watch "Chelsea Hotel", a play of Leonard Cohen music. Really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we have a StarFest meeting in the morning and tickets to Reel Monday at the Arden Theatre to see the movie "Testimony of Youth". Then Thursday night, it's back to the Citadel for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf".

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  1. Es bonita la caja y para guardar recuerdos,muy apropiada!!
    Me gustarĂ¡ ver el nuevo fregadero!!