Friday, December 18, 2015

Starting on another Christmas vignette

Terrible weather today (Friday). Wind chill of -26 C and blowing snow. Better tonight - virtually no wind.

Thursday night, a number of us got together for our condo potluck Christmas dinner. OH, MY, what an incredibly wonderful meal! Got to take some of the extra food home - just like a regular Christmas dinner. Was so full that I couldn't even look at one of my favourite desserts (Leslie's Breton brittle) until Friday.

Only our second year of the potluck dinner in the building but also my second year of contributing a Christmas vignette as a 'door' prize. Olga won it...which pleased me. But Leslie had wanted to win it and her name was drawn from the same pot for a second prize.

Anyway I had already decided that if Leslie didn't win the draw that night, I would make a new vignette for her. So I've started working on it.

This will be the bag I'm doing it in....

The Lemax Christmas tree....

The gold garland is WAY too big so have taken it off using the hair dryer to melt the hot glue attaching it.
Got it started at least.

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