Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Some fun shopping!

Was awakened at 6:15 by the chirp-chirp of the battery dying in one of the smoke detectors. Tried to get back to sleep but it was a lost cause. So had to add a 9V battery to my shopping list.

Joanne and I spent a good portion of the day shopping. Went to Michael's first and I picked up a few things:

Picked up these lovely frames for Barb who can use them for her wonderful petitpoint miniatures.

The framed Christmas tree was actually a gift tag on one of the boxes of canning from DS Carol.

The wreaths and stockings are from the scrapbooking section at Michael's. Bit pricier than I had planned on but my Christmas stash is getting a bit lower after making the three vignettes this year and these will fit in most anywhere.

The archery pieces will be perfect for something (a card maybe) for DGS Jonah who has taken up archery - even got a bow for Christmas. The ballerina items will become something for DGD Holly.

We looked at containers at Michael's for Joanne's folk art Wizard of Oz pieces that she bought in Arizona. Nothing spoke to us.

But we stopped in at Home Sense and found a great cake cover that was perfect! We had the Scarecrow with us and it worked. Walked around looking for a base - thinking of a wooden base - and a couple aisles over found a glass footed base to go with it - both pieces for $30. Yippee!

Actually later we saw a pizza pan which would also have worked as a base.

Had a great lunch at Swiss Chalet then headed to Canadian Tire where Joanne got her Weldbond glue (just about missed it as it's in new packaging - and more expensive) and I got a battery for the smoke detector plus a few other household items.

Great day!

(Now I'm thinking about doing a 'year in review' for tomorrow. I didn't really finish a lot this year but sometimes I get more done than I realized. So we'll see...)

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