Monday, December 21, 2015

Leslie's vignette

Shoot! This is much smaller than I had envisioned. Think it will work but....we'll see.

Sunday night.

I painted the base of the tree with red nail polish, replaced the huge garland with some silver garland that I had made years ago from (strangely enough) a silver expandable bag that I cut apart. Then I added some candy canes that I made by cutting some big ones in my stash smaller. The rest of the ornaments were beads that I added by dipping them in glue and putting them in the tree with a toothpick, angling them so the holes wouldn't show.

I measured  the base of the bag, cut a piece of matboard and covered it with a piece of carpet.

I first cut a piece of matboard that fit below the handle holes of the front of the bag, then measured 1/2" in from the edges. I also cut a piece of heavy clear plastic about 1/4" smaller. Then I cut out the front of the bag.

Actually that was backwards....I should have cut the bag first - then cut the matboard. Would have been easier than cutting the front of the bag from the inside.

Anyway, it did work. Then I ran a half inch line of glue around the edge of the cut, added the plastic, then added the matboard. Put this section face down and weighted it with a book until the glue dried.

This may/or may not work. Had this Christmas ornament mirror in my stash.
 Painted it with silver nail polish to match everything else. Still needs a few touch-ups...and am not sure if I'll actually use it as it's quite large.

This was the only thing that I found that was small enough in size and depth to work. (From Dollarama)

 Pulled of the wooden drawer handles:
 Coloured it with black marker.
 While that was drying, added the carpeted floor to the bag.
 Painted the table with gloss varnish.
 Sanded it with a piece of brown paper bag.
 Then gave it another coat of varnish.
Tested putting the Christmas tree in the bag.
Used a binder clip to ensure the glue was adhering.
Still have a lot of things to do - especially the walls of the vignette - but it's coming along.

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