Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how much this particular vignette cost:

Okay, the container was free - from Bev at our Christmas party.

The floor was a scrap of foam core and a small piece of carpet....maybe 25 cents?

The chair was part of a set I bought at the MEE garage sale - maybe $3.50?

The rolls of  wrapping paper in a container: container is a lid from spray margarine and the papers are printies from Jennifer.

Plate in the box on the left: $2.00

table base: 50 cents

table: $4.00

bows: 50 cents

tape dispenser: $1.00

scissors: 75 cents

can of Pepsi: 50 cents

bowl of chips: bowl 15 cents, chips free

pen: free

cards: free - Jim's printis

tree: 50 cents

gifts: $3.00

cat: $4.00

TOTAL: $20.65

plus maybe $1.00 for printing

Not too bad!

Labour: Just fun - won't count that!

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