Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bit of an update

Showed you my exchange gift from Judy S. but didn't show you the other things we got at the Christmas party.

The teensy laser cut stars were from Joanne. She also made the green carton and filled it with the tree, stocking and poinsettia from the club. The dental pick and toothbrush were from Tina. The bell and earrings were from Bev.

This was the kit from Santa (originally from Lorry).
Tina, bless her heart, came over this afternoon with her binding machine so I could finish the last three copies of The Book. Barb R. (who lives upstairs from me) was unable to attend the party so Tina brought her the dental pick and tooth brush - and her kit.

Barb happened to drop by while Tina was here so she got her gifts in person. Her kit was a Chrysnbon punch bowl! Had a good visit with both of them.

My DS Marie likes to pop little things in the mail to family members and I was thrilled to get this today.

You can never have too many teddy bears!
Just can't seem to get any mini-ing done. And the next three days are busy with RL stuff.

I have to do a Christmas vignette before our potluck dinner on the 17th and I have some thoughts about doing a project for DBIL Grahame for Christmas. That only leaves 7 projects to work on after Christmas. (Scream!!!!!!)

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  1. Estupendos regalos de intercambio!!!!!
    Veo que vas a estar muy ocupado éste nuevo año!!!!!!