Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I am going nuts.....

and, believe me, at this point it's a very short trip.

When I finished my Christmas shop last year, I had a LOT of leftovers.

In the last month or so, I decided to do a couple Christmas vignettes...And started to look for the leftover Christmas stuff....with absolutely no luck!

I'd be sitting reading and a possible location would pop into my head and I'd go take a look! One night, I even dreamed I had found them but when I awoke, I couldn't remember where they  had been.

So today when Joanne stopped by for tea, she suggested that perhaps they weren't in the boxes I thought they were in so I found the 'leftover' picture and looked again. Still no luck!

I still have a Christmas bulletin board so I'm not exactly short of things for vignettes but this is really annoying me no end.

Guess I better just put this out of my mind and start working on the vignettes.

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