Saturday, October 3, 2015

Starting on the Christmas book for Valerie

I had two of these long rug strips. Originally I had thought I could use a piece for a carpet in the book box but Barb R. suggested that it might work along the wall. Great idea!

It will take one strip plus about four inches to do the wall so I cut the ends off the first piece and glued it in place and clipped it against the "door". I didn't glue it at the door 'hinge'.

Here's the corner piece of furniture with a doily and Christmas tree on top. The second shelf has a red and a green gift box. On the third shelf is "A Visit from St. Nicholas" and there are three rolls of wrapping paper and a roll of 'Merry Christmas' ribbon. Everything but the book is glued in place.

Christmas wall hanging in place.

Tentative placement of the furniture. Still have to install a carpet and hope to put green garland and a wreath on the three walls of the back....and finish the wall treatment behind the shelving in the corner.

The shelving unit was originally going to be on the left side but because I had left the carpet unglued at the corner, when the 'door was closed, the loose ribbon pushed the shelving out of place.

Think it's coming together well. Hope I can finish it tomorrow.

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  1. Esta escena promete!!! me gusta mucho como queda la alfombra colocada en el libro-caja,simulando el zócalo!!!