Friday, October 9, 2015

Just like Christmas!!!

Marie and Robert arrived this afternoon and stopped by with Mom for a short visit. Brought me all manner of neat 'stuff'. Just when I had put everything away. LOL

First of all was a bag of Lego and a box of K'nex for Jonah.

Great bag of Lite Brite pegs for me. These are my favourites as they have the flat bottom. Although I've never seen the connected ones before.

Five packs of mini light adhesive clips; Two bags of snow powder; a bag of tile pieces.

Two sets of wine charms (one silver, one gold). The corkscrew is perfect but it's more 1:6 then 1:12. Goblets and wine bottles are good. 

Think these are meant to be place card holders but they'll make lovely picture frames.

Goblets and candle holder in the first row are WAY too big but the rest of the things have possibilities.
I'm the oldest of four girls. When I turned 60, the other three gave me a piggy bank containing sixty one dollar coins from each of them. (That $180 went toward my first trip to Camp Mini Ha Ha in Nova Scotia.) As each of them turned 60, the pig was passed on with the three un-birthday ladies each contributing $60. With my 70th looming (in a year and a half), Marie picked up a new pig for that decade. It will eventually be blinged out with Swarovsky crystals and signed by each of us in turn.

Some lovely notepaper and envelopes.

A few more brass pieces. Sorry the picture is so blurry but my battery died as it was being downloaded and can't take a new one until it's charged.
Off to a meeting at the library tonight, have a Show and Sale debriefing meeting tomorrow, spending Saturday night at Leanne's then we're heading to Calgary on Sunday - just for fun.


  1. Que bonitos regalos!!! La idea del cerdo hucha es genial y muy emotiva!!!!

  2. Great stuff. Lots of mini possibilities.