Saturday, October 3, 2015


It's almost too clean to use!

I did get a bit of a second wind on Thursday and did a bit more. Took yesterday off and went at it today.

Going around the room in a clockwise direction:

Between the door and the hall to the bathroom.

Hall to the bathroom with closets on either side.  The bulletin boards are in the left hand closet and  boxes of fabric and hanging carpets, wallpaper and various and sundry other things are on the right

Books and old projects are behind the bulletin boards.

Huge stack of boxes in the corner - for someday use. LOL The dollhouse is on back to back bookshelves that contain  boxes of dollhouse electrical and my sewing machine on one side and glues, beads and binders on the other.

The three-room roombox is upside down as I added molding around the ceiling in one room on Thursday (it was already cut) and I still have to add it to the other two.

Now I have to go down to the condo library and shelve books. That's something that I've really neglected lately.

BTW, you know how every once in awhile my computer goes wonky and I can't use an apostrophe or write fractions such as 1/2. It happened again this morning in an email to Tina and she told me  how to fix it. On the lower right hand side of my monitor, there's a choice of language for the computer. Sometimes (who knows how), it slips out of US ENG into ENG CMS which gives you a multilingual keyboard and changes the appearance of several keys. What a relief to be able to fix that problem.

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  1. Te ha quedado un taller perfecto y muy amplio,ya verás que a gusto vas a trabajar en él!!!!!