Monday, October 5, 2015

Christmas box for Val's friend

Oops! I just assumed that both runners were exactly the same. The second piece is not quite as wide as the first. Fortunately the corner shelving unit will cover the joint so it won't be noticeable.

I had some nice cream fleece for the carpet. I glued it to cardstock before installing it. Much easier to handle the cardstock than the fabric alone.

Think it looks pretty good.

The original plan was to use green leafy garland but it didn't handle well so ended up using this string of gold beads then glued the wreath in place. Added a dish of squares to the third shelf. In this picture, the corner shelf was glued only on the feet but I ended up putting glue on the back of the top shelf which made it sturdier.

And here's the final project. Val was pleased with it.

Even cleaned up after myself and put everything away. Like that's going to happen on a regular basis. LOL.

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