Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bit of a catch up...

Oh, my, real life is attacking from all sides over the next week and a bit.

Have a STARFest  meeting tomorrow morning; a MEE club meeting Tuesday night; STARFest authors Wednesday and Friday; our all day workshop to assemble the lamp kits on Saturday and, on Sunday, goingwith friends to hear Colonel Chris Hadfield speak. Then will spend Tuesday night at DD Leanne's and head for Ontario on Wednesday; Hallowe'en with the grands on Saturday night and the miniature Show and Sale in Bowmanville on Sunday, November 1, then home again on  November 3.

Whew - get tired just typing it out!

Yesterday and today several members of MEE dropped by to pick up their lamp kits which will make a big difference in handling the rest of them. One of them, Cathy V., is returning to the club after a long absence. We had a lovely visit as she looked at what I've been doing while she was gone.

My friend from upstairs, Jeanne, came by with her sister and her sister's fiancee to show them my minis. It's always such a joy when appreciative people come to see them.

House is still pretty much tidy - except for the kitchen.

Have, however, set up the folding table in the living room again so I can work on my demo lamp kit for the all day workshop on Saturday. While Wayne and Liz from Grandpa's Dollhouse posted wonderful videos of step-by-step instructions on Youtube, I still need to do a print tutorial.

For now, all I've done is the sanding of the pieces:

But it's a start....


  1. Un buen comienzo! Sí que tienes cosas que hacer esta semana!!!!

  2. Great sanding job, Maureen. :-) Can't wait to see what the club members do with the lamp!

    1.'s me, Liz Dieleman.........alias Grandpa. :-)

    2. It's going to be great Liz! It's such fun just listening to all the ideas that they all have.