Sunday, October 11, 2015

A different Thanksgiving - with just a tiny bit of minis thrown in

We had our Show and Sale de-briefing meeting Saturday morning. Things went very well. In order to keep the Sale going well, we need more and different dealers so if you know of anyone who might be interested in selling at our Show and Sale next year on Sunday, September 18, please let me know.

DD Leanne picked me up at my place about 5:30 and we drove to her place where we ordered in Chinese food then called DS Sean, DDIL Julie and the grandchildren. After a great telephone visit, we ate our dinner, watched some Netflix then went to bed.

Left Leanne's about 7:30 on Sunday for Calgary. Arrived at the Chinook Mall about 11. Checked it out and had some lunch then headed to CrossIron Mills where we walked miles. Leanne had hoped to find some "Dr. Who" items but had no luck at either location. She did, however, find a great top (we knew that because we both saw it and said "YES"!) and I got two pair of wonderfully comfortable shoes (something I NEVER find). Then headed back home and was in my place before 8 p.m.

It's a bit unconventional, I know, but days like this are special to Leanne and me. During the drive time, we talk about all the important things (including some that can be  uncomfortable, such as last wishes - going both ways).

Back to minis
Before I left, I didn't get all the minis that Marie had given me put away. Well, I didn't get it done tonight either BUT I did at least get them sorted and bagged. And I will get them on the bulletin boards soon.

Since I cleaned the workroom, I made the Christmas roombook for Valerie and the birdcage garden for Lorraine and Gary. And my workroom still looks great!

Want to keep it this way but don't think it's going to happen..............I get too involved with things!

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  1. Un día de acción de gracias diferente,si,pero muy agradable!!!!
    Tu taller sigue muy ordenado,es increíble!!!