Thursday, May 14, 2015

What are the chances? Part 2

I love it when things come together...

I don't know, if you follow me, if you also get the comments and my replies. Just in case you don't, here is the reply to my 'What are the chances?' post from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse:

Hi Maureen. Do you want to hear another coincidence? I just got that exact same chandelier in stock two days ago. I carry Jon's line of chandeliers, houses, etc and have met him several times (even tried to set him up with my daughter but the distance is a bit far for He is a great guy and I love his products, especially the Nana's House kit.

And some more great news from Liz:

Wonderful news at Grandpa's Doll House.

We are building a 400 sq. ft. store on our property so that we can have the room we need to properly display all of the thousands of miniatures that we have in stock.

We presently stock so many items, including: 
·         miniatures
·         accessories
·         our own line of laser cut kits and building supplies (we do custom orders as well)
·         landscaping supplies
·         building supplies
·         electrical supplies including 12 volt lights, battery powered lights and LED lighting
·         and so much more!!

The really exciting thing is that you will now be able to see all of these wonderful goodies in a bright and spacious new building! 

One thing that will change is the operating hours of the new store.  At present we are open by appointment only.

When the new store is open, we will be open by appointment, as usual, but we will also be posting a calendar on our website every month with set days that we will be open.
I will email this calendar to all of you at the beginning of the month and then it will be posted on the blog on my site all month long.  I hope this makes it easier for people to come in and say "hello"
and/or see what is new in the store.

I have lots of activities planned for our new space including workshops and "play days".  We will also be having a huge "Grand Opening" bash when it opens.  (watch for news in an upcoming email and on my website blog)  We are hoping to have the new store open in early to mid June.  (it is almost ready for paint now)  We have many new cabinets and shelving units that will be well lit and easy to access.
 I am SO excited for you all to see what we have in store for you.

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