Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just like Christmas!

Last night, DS Marie and DBIL Robert came out for the weekend. Went over to Mom's for a quick visit with them. Marie told me she had some goodies for me but I was pleasantly shocked at the huge box she gave me.

First of all, there was a bag of more than 20 plain coloured gift bags!

Then there was this box of "cheese pins" for holding cheese while slicing.

Most are 1:6 scale rather than 1:12 but may be able to use some of them - especially the shrimp! (three on upper right)

Five on the bottom are these cute chefs!

Four gold and three coloured nativity scenes.
Mama and puppy:
 In the scene in the cake holder:

This is wonderful! It came in pieces so not too sure if it was part of a pop-up book or what! But there are some beautiful things that I think would work well in a scene to the side of a miniature scene such as I did in the music room.

 RL, not mini, but much appreciated!

Six packs of decorated stationery:

Back to minis. Two wonderful radios that, with a bit of work, will make their way into Joanne's radio shop!

Didn't understand these cute little 'pot perchers' at first as I was thinking cooking pot, not plant pot.
Here you can see how they work.
Don't know if I'll be able to use them in mini but I'll think on it. If nothing else, the cardinal in this one is good!

Didn't have time to post about this last night. Then today, Leslie and I spent the day at a Condo Convention. Great, informative day - and I won a door prize of six bottles of wine which Leslie and I shared.

For "Vern's Attic"

My Dad made this cart for their garbage cans years ago. When Mom moved into her condo, we 'inherited' it. When we moved into the condo, it came with us and we left in in the common area for everyone to use. I hadn't even thought of including it in "Vern's Attic" until I was told the other day that someone had been looking for it (it's been in my condo for a couple weeks) and she calls it "Vern". So I will make it in miniature and include it - and the story - in Vern's attic.

Tomorrow I'm going to dinner at DS Shirley and DBIL Grahame's with Mom, Marie and Robert.

Tuesday I'm going to a MEE workshop lead by Jennifer Izquierdo (Little Day Miniatures) to learn how to make licorice allsorts.

On Wednesday, I fly to Toronto where DS son, Sean, will pick me up and take me to Peterborough for a visit with him, Julie and the two grand-children. Jonah and Holly are making their First Communion on the weekend and DD Leanne will be joining us for the weekend. I'll return to Edmonton on Tuesday afternoon so I can be at our Board meeting on Wednesday.

SO........this is probably the last time I'll be in touch before I return.

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