Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The play date!

Yesterday I still wasn't too sure what Megan and Carter were going to do today. Jeanne and Orest dug out two great shadow boxes for us to use today. Still no ideas came!

But this morning, a couple hours before they arrived, the AHA moment! We would do a Christmas scene and use up some of the supplies left from the Christmas shop!

Before they arrived, I got the frames and started on adding the floors. First I put a piece of foamcore against the front glass.

Then I started to prepare the floor. I cut a flap along one edge of the foamcore and glued it on to the foam so there was no rough edge exposed.

This turned out to be moot as we ended up gluing some very thin green velour to both sides of the floor so it wouldn't warp.

While I was working on that they were covering a cut-off styrofoam cup with fabric for their tables.

I covered the back pieces with green and red wallpaper then we went up to Jeanne and Orest's for lunch.

 These are Carter's choices for his room.

Megan decorated this tree for her room.

 And filled this basket with candy canes and suckers.

After lunch the glue had dried so everything could be assembled. (The back is just held in place temporarily.)

 I found two little teddie bears and the children put them in their chairs. Then Carter found a pair of mini glasses that he put on  his bear.

Here is Carter's finished scene.

 And Megan's almost finished scene.

 I could not get a picture of either scene without my reflection but I'm hoping Megan's pictures turned out better and that she'll send them to me.

These two  young people are SO nice and so artistic and enthusiastic that my time spent with them is such a joy!

I'm really hoping that they'll be able to come to our Show and Sale on September 21!

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