Friday, August 8, 2014

Quilt Shop boxes

First, I made a simple box for the quilt box trims:

 Here it is in place:

 Then I started on the box for the spools of thread:

This was a "by guess and by golly" thing so I didn't take measurements - just went by the seat of my pants:

I took a small sheet of 1/16" and glued four uprights on it:

that would fit the two different sizes of spools:

Because they would be at an angle, needed to have length on the left.  (Actually, if you're planning on doing this, the top piece should be at a right angle.)

 The top pieces have been trimmed and a back piece glued in place.
 Then it was painted:

Given another coat of paint, then the areas were given a coat of Miniature Moveable glue and the spools of thread put in place.

And put in place on the back shelf of the room.

Sorry. As I said, it was "by guess and by golly" so I just did it and didn't do it as a proper tutorial.


  1. great job!how did you make the spools of thread?

    1. Thank you.
      The spools were made from Tiny Turnings that I bought at our annual Show and Sale. Unfortunately, I took the label off the package I made them from. BUT I think I found them online at
      Or you could Google Tiny Turnings TTN2000
      Hope that helps.
      Another option would be to make them from the ends of turned toothpicks.