Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mommy Daughter Day on Saturday

Haven't done any minis lately but Friday I decided I would try to put my chandelier kit by Phyllis Tucker together. (Sorry, Phyllis, but I can't make head or tail of the instructions.) I've got some of it done:

but it's very frustrating and I don't know when/if I'll finish it. I might need to work out something with Hoanie who does incredible chandeliers!

Anyway, Saturday was Mommy/Daughter Day. This time we decided to go to Fort Edmonton Park to see Edmonton through the years 1846, 1885, 1905 and 1920. Many original buildings have been moved from their original homes to the park.

We entered into the railway station where we enjoyed the music of two banjos and a tuba. While we waited for the train to take us to the Fort, I checked out the Railroad Club's display - this huge room filled with scenery and trains. Oh, so impressive!

We were advised that the York Boat from Winnipeg would be arriving at the Fort at noon so after taking the train to the Fort, we walked down to the bank of the Saskatchewan River.

This young man in the foreground was awaiting his father's return to the Fort after the four month trip. (He later played the fiddle in the Fort as part of the welcoming committee.) In the background you may be able to spot some of the gentlemen from the Fort who will announce the arrival at the York Boat with musket fire. (They warned us about the first volley - but not the second. LOL)

In the distance

Sir George Simpson was aboard this York Boat. (He always travelled with a piper who announced his arrival.)

One of the women of the Fort was VERY enthusiastic about the return of her husband. It was a very wet welcome home!
 We returned to the Fort and checked it out. (Leanne has been there almost every year with her students but this was only my second visit.)

I won't go through everything by era/building but it's all quite fascinating and many of the buildings are original.

The Northern Alberta Wood Carvers had three of its carvers there in the fire department with samples of their work. Absolutely incredible! Some beautiful buildings that were about 1/48 scale. Their photo gallery is here.

We left and stopped at Michael's for a look around. I didn't find anything myself but Leanne found a great 3' tree for her classroom for $5.00 and a couple other things for 80% off.

Headed over to Home Depot and picked up some wood for a project Leanne is working on for school (still no wood hardener for Joanne) then stopped at Costco to pick up the Lego Advent Calendar for GS Jonah.

Then went to Lingnan for dinner. We were there right at 5 so the service was quick. The food there is absolutely fantabulous - would recommend it to anyone!

Leanne took this picture of me.
Home about 6:30. Leanne picked up my paint-stripping heat gun and took a look at the Quilt Shop, Music Room and the Christmas Shop. She declared the quilt shop my best work (although she thought the Art Gallery was a close second) then laid claim to the Christmas Shop. And that made me feel good! (Although when it came to my workroom, she said that she would just call Joanne and "hand her the keys".)

Today, I took the left-over food from Lingnan to my Mom - who, at 91, had been canning and much appreciated not having to make dinner.

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  1. Looked like you had an awesome day.The chandelier looks like it's coming along too.