Sunday, February 3, 2013

What a lazy weekend!

Hate it when I do this...just lazed around and read all weekend. Which would be okay except I have SO much to do before our MEE workshop on Tuesday!

I did, however, make another 20 spools of thread for the Quilt Shop and did a lot of mental preparation (does that count?) for a tutorial that I want to have done for the Tuesday workshop.

The Tuesday workshop will involve a lot of catch up work for those who are having problems with their attics but the major focus will be on making Tiffany lampshades from shrink plastic. At our last meeting, we received the shrink plastic and several possible designs that need to be drawn and coloured by Tuesday.

The Show and Sale Committee will be meeting before the workshop on Tuesday so also have to prepare for that.

Then I have a condo board meeting on Wednesday night - which, of course, requires more preparation.

On another, more personal note, my grand-nephew, Matt Dunstone, is the skip of the Manitoba rink at the Canadian Junior Men's Curling Championship in Fort McMurray this week. We're fortunate that carries the results in a very timely manner but it also means being at the computer to check on them...and reporting to my Mom end by end. (As of tonight, his rink has a 2 - 1 record.)

So at this point, I'm going to sit down and make my "to-do" list for the next couple days. I don't know why (perhaps it's the sense of accomplishment as I cross things off the list) but I seem to accomplish so much more when I work with a very comprehensive "to-do" list:

empty dishwasher
clean kitchen counters
reload dishwasher
thread away (from making spools)
spools to quilt shop box
siding away
newspapers to garbage (we don't have paper recycling)

(All very specific things written down as I survey the room.)

Seems silly but it works for me.

The other things that works for me is setting my timer for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and working  on cleaning/tidying a portion of - or a room during that time..

Hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have a good handle on cleaning up all this and preparing for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights meetings.

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