Monday, February 25, 2013

Shingles for the attic

Love it when a plan comes together....

Except sometimes it doesn't...sort of...

I had decided to roof the attic with black sandpaper shingles as I did the roof for the Serendipity Shop.

Just to double check the size of my shingles, I googled asphalt shingles and found this diagram about a third of the way down. The first picture is of three tab asphalt shingles (that I used on the Serendipity Shop) and the second is of hexagonal asphalt shingles that I decided to use here.

I copied, cropped and sized the image of the hexagonal shingles and used that to cut strips of shingles from 120 grit black sandpaper from Canadian Tire.

The beauty of using the hexagonal pattern is that you can cut it 'back to back' and don't have to use as many cuts. Plus it's a very pretty roof design.

I cut the sandpaper in strips 1 3/4" wide then traced the shingle pattern on the back.

Then used my dedicated sandpaper cutting scissors to cut that strip into two rows of shingles. Then I took a second strip and marked it from the opposite end so the grooves were alternated...

So the alternate rows formed the hexagonal this:

Starting to look REALLY good, isn't it?!?

BUT...the strips are only 11" long and my roof is just a fraction under 12" wide so I'm going to have to piece it together......

I can do it but it's going to be a PITA...

What a shame that something so good looking and simple could present such a difficulty.

Yeah, but it'll all come together in the end.

I hope....

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